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How to get a contact in Japan? 2013/1/20 05:40
Hi all!

Me and my friend are going to visit Tokyo again this year, and we have one problem. We lack a contact in Japan :/

We visited Tokyo last year too, it was our first visit. While all was nice and dandy, we were a bit lost there. We didn't have anyone to turn to there, and were basically on our own, which meant we didn't do that much. This I want to remedy.

If we had a contact in Tokyo, for instance, it would help us so much. I've been trying to figure out how to get one, where to get one and stuff like that, but no avail. I just don't have any idea how to proceed.

Can anyone here help us out? Give us ideas how to proceed? I don't want our next trip to be "ruined" again by the lack of social interaction, as it did before.

Please guys, you are our only hope :)
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... 2013/1/20 10:38
Not sure if this is what you are after but there are numerous Goodwill Guide services in Tokyo which may suit you.



In general you need to book them at least two weeks in advance, longer at peak times.

Enjoy your trip!
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... 2013/1/20 10:40
You can also try getting a penpal through the friends section of this site, or staying in Hostels on your trip may help you meet other Japanese travellers, although in Tokyo they are likely to be from elsewhere in Japan.
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Re: How to get a contact in Japan? 2013/1/20 12:48
I don't quite understand your question- when you travel, you "might" make friends along the way, or you might just go sightsee on your own and might not make any friends, but lack of a local contact shouldn't "ruin" your trip :) but for the rest, yes I agree with the earlier poster if you need a guide... Enjoy!

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