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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 2013/1/21 10:01
Will be spending 2 weeks around the kansai region in early mar. Any local supermarket or farmers market to recommend around osaka / Kyoto / kansai area? I need at least 3 servings of veg and 4 servings of fruits each day for my lousy digestive system to get working. Definitely wont wanna get ripped off and a departmental store.

So far I've only found kuromon ichiba market and nishiki market which are rather touristy so I doubt that produce will be cheap there.
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Re: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 2013/1/21 14:21
You'll probably want to just look for a normal supermarket. There's some chains but also a lot of small local supermarkets so it can be hard to direct you to one. But the people who work at the hotel you'll be staying at, or even the tourist office should be able to point you in the direction of a local supermarket.

Typically if it's a 24 hour supermarket I find it tends to be a bit cheaper. One chain I've seen in the area is Seiyu a Walmart brand supermarket that's open 24 hours. But if you go to a real supermarket the locals shop at then you'll generally be getting a reasonable price.

As a warning, Japanese produce isn't the cheapest no matter where you go and they're quite seasonal with their selections so they might not always carry the variety of fruits and vegetables you're used to.
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Thank you! 2013/1/21 16:40
Thanks for the input! Yeah I'm aware that wherever I go it's still not gonna be as cheap as what I can get back home. Its just that I would want to get it a reasonable price like the locas do instead of getting ripped off at a high end departmental store. Appreciate the advise :)

I guess I'll just have to keep a lookout and check with the hotels.
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Re: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 2013/1/23 21:32
I agree with the above- any normal supermarket should have what you're looking for. Where in Kansai will you be staying? If you can be more specific people can give you more specific recommendations for supermarkets.
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