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Teaching English in Japan 2013/1/23 02:25
Hello everyone, i have a question for you.
I am a Danish citizen, and i would like to teach english in japan, but i am not sure if i can because i only speak very little Japanese and i don't have alot of teaching experience other then over the internet.
So my question is, would it be possible for me to teach in Japan?
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Re: Teaching English in Japan 2013/1/23 09:32
Many programs and companies will hire English teachers who have a bachelor's degree, a teaching degree, or a TESOL/ESL/CETLA certificate. If you have none of those, it may be hard to find a teaching job.
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Re: Teaching English in Japan 2013/1/23 11:05
For people who are not native speakers of English / have no passport of a country that has English as an official language it can be difficult.
You might get a job, but you might not get a work visa.
I went through the same process as I'm German, but I've been working as an English teacher in Japan for many years now.

If you can show that you have some qualification (as mentioned above) or prove that you were educated in English for over 12 years, it'll work out.

For the majority of English teaching jobs you don't need to know any Japanese.
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Re: Teaching English in Japan 2013/1/23 15:32
Forget having a Teaching Degree.
The conversation schools will employ anyone if they need staff.
Most of the "Teachers of English" here are Text Book salesmen/women.
If you have no work experience in your country then you will need a BA or BSc for the visa.
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Re: Teaching English in Japan 2013/1/23 21:35
The lack of Japanese and teaching experience aren't the issues so much as not being a native English speaker from one of the major English speaking countries- this will cause problems first when looking for a job and then when applying for a visa- maybe have a look into whether you will qualify for a visa first.
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