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Waterfall around Tokyo 2013/1/26 19:16
Hi, does anyone know waterfall or lake around tokyo that are allowed to swim? Thank you
by syamsulizhan  

Re: Waterfall around Tokyo 2013/2/10 09:57
by LC (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Waterfall around Tokyo 2013/2/14 11:47
Consider Kanotoiwa in Hinohara village, Tokyo. This is a cascade running between an enormous rock split in the middle (Kanotoiwa means Divine Gate Rock) . There is a cottage and campsite nearby, and also a number of waterfalls in the vicinity you can visit by bus or hike.

This is the HP for the cottage/campsite Nagataya (sorry no English)

You can email them (the bottom left button below the phograph) or call their Tokyo office at 03-3391-0275.

Here are some pictures of the place I found on the internet.

by Harry Takeuchi rate this post as useful

Re: Waterfall around Tokyo 2013/2/14 12:26
How about the "Kegon Falls" in Nikko?
by zoomingjapan rate this post as useful

Re: Waterfall around Tokyo 2013/2/14 18:56
Kegon Falls is spectacular to watch, but not for swimming :)
by ... (guest) rate this post as useful

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