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Selling used Japanese manga online 2013/1/27 00:15
For several years I have been buying and reading loads of Japanese manga, many brought home from an earlier trip to Japan (around 25 kg sent by sea mail). I have been going through them and trying to get rid of a big load of them now.

Here in Sweden it is not very easy to find people who want to buy them and putting them up on eBay is quite time consuming. I will go to Japan soon but bringing all the manga there for sale is not an option. Throwing them all away seems not good either.

So is there perhaps any online place which buys used Japanese manga?
by SweGuy (guest)  

Re: Selling used Japanese manga online 2013/1/28 20:06
I'm not quite sure if they really buy used manga, but you could try with Outland.no! :)
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Re: Selling used Japanese manga online 2013/1/29 19:34
Thank you. Unsure if they will buy japanese manga though. Aint there no shops like JPQueen or what it was called before?
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