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Jusco in Osaka 2013/1/29 00:31
Hi there.

I would like to find out where are the Jusco department store in Osaka preferably near Namba/Umeda areas.

Found this at an old thread by Uji

(The most centrally located is the Nodahanshin Store, about 2.5 kilometers west of Osaka/Umeda Station (get off at Noda Station, a 3 minutes ride by Hanshin Railways from Hanshin Umeda Station).)

Is it a big department stores which includes clothes? Or only the supermarket? Is it still open? Any websites where I could find a map to the place? Thanks
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Re: Jusco in Osaka 2013/1/30 10:12
Now no JUSCO in Jaoan.

So u just go "AEON".
→ 店舗検索 shop guidance
→ 地図から探す (map search)
→ 近畿地方 大阪府 (osaka)
→ 現在の選択エリア: 大阪府 (26件) [このエリア内の店舗を表示]

finally map slide bar move.
- 梅田:Umeda
- なんば/JR難波:Namba
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Re: Jusco in Osaka 2013/2/2 00:06
JUSCO=AEON is a supermarket chain. It's not a department store in strict sense (at least in Japanese judicial terminology), but it's not just a neighborhood grocery type of small store, either. If you've been to Carrefour Hypermarche in France, it's somewhat similar. If you aren't satisfied with all the department stores in Osaka's Umeda and Namba/Shinsaibashi, you might go to AEON Mall in Tsurumi Ryokuchi (between metro stations Imafuku Tsurumi and Yokozutsumi).

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