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transportation to hotel/bus to climb mt. Fuji 2013/1/29 07:44
Please can someone advise me of how to get to Narita airport to Shinjuku(which is better train or bus and which bus or train no.).. we will land in Narita airport on 7/12 @ 3;30 pm and plan to go to shinjuku on the same day (so need hotel to rest so we can get ready to climb the mt. Fuji on 7/13 around 7 pm to watch the sunrise and descent on 7/14 go back to tokyo. any tips for the hotel and bus station to take to get to mt. fuji and back to Tokyo. Please give details of transportation if possible . Thank you so much in advance for your help since we never been in Japan. mai
by mydaisy  

Re: transportation to hotel/bus to climb mt. Fuji 2013/1/29 11:15
Someone has already answered your questions on your other thread.
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Re: transportation to hotel/bus to climb mt. Fuji 2013/1/29 11:18
Train and bus are equally good - it depends on your preference and budget. All the details of how to get from Narita to Shinjuku are here - you can choose what suits you best.

You can get a bus to Kawaguchiko Fifth Station from Shinjuku. All the details are on this page:

Please also read this page about safety and climbing Mount Fuji to make sure you are properly prepared, especially with boots and clothes:
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Re: transportation to hotel/bus to climb mt. Fuji 2013/1/29 11:35
No-one can tell you exactly which trains and buses to catch, or which hotel to stay in. That all depends on your personal timetable, budget and how you like to travel.

Please use the information given to you in answer to your other post, and the links provided above to make your plans.

Alternatively, if you feel that you can't work out how to do that, perhaps you could contact a Japan travel agent in your own country who would be able to book all your travel and hotels for you - and perhaps even book you onto an organised hike.
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