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Live tour concert tickets 2013/1/30 02:57
東方神起 LIVE TOUR concert tickets

Is it possible to get tickets for the live that will be held in Tokyo Dome on June 6/15 or 6/16?
Ticket were on sale from December, last year, but I've looked everywhere (including 7netshopping, 7-11 net, and avex site) and I can't find anything.
There are a couple of people selling them on Yahoo Auction but from research apparently it's near impossible to buy from there if you're a foreigner.
Does anyone have an idea?
by Ghada  

Re: Live tour concert tickets 2013/1/30 11:02
I have bought items on Yahoo Japan Auctions in the past using a proxy buying company. They place bids on your behalf for items (for a fee), and you pay them if you win. You then pay them to ship your items to you when convenient.

There are several around - offhand I can think of Celga and Rinkya, but I don't doubt there are many more. Just Google search for "proxy yahoo japan" or similar.

They don't all do ticket sales, but I know some do - check their FAQs and rules/fees.
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