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Woman Attending Sumo Wrestling 2013/2/2 21:19
We are heading to Osaka in March and hoping to attend the Sumo Grand Tournament. I have heard woman aren't allowed to attend, is this true?
by David (guest)  

Re: Woman Attending Sumo Wrestling 2013/2/3 08:51
I went last March to the Osaka Tournament and I sat next to a wonderful lady who was amazed I knew as much Sumo as I did. I saw as many women as men at the tournament, so I believe your fears are without merit. Enjoy the basho!
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Re: Woman Attending Sumo Wrestling 2013/2/3 09:58

As others have already said, there is certainly no problem with women attending sumo tournaments. What you probably misunderstood is the long-standing tradition that forbids women from entering the dohyo ring. Even the first female governor of Osaka was not allowed to present the winners' prizes several years back.
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Re: Woman Attending Sumo Wrestling 2013/2/4 19:32
Women are welcome and can sit in any seat, it's no problem. You'll see lots of women there.

Women aren't allowed on the actual dirt ring, but spectators shouldn't be there anyway. ;)
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