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Will I be too tall? 2013/2/2 21:51
I am an Indian. From North-East India. Assam, to be specific. And I have tanned skin, straight black hair and the problem is that my height is 172.5 cm and I am a 14 year old girl. Do you think I would stand out toooooooo much? By the way, I am from the Mongoloid race. So, I have a bit of the Japanese type of look, at least that's what people say. Anyways, what do you think?
by Mangakasayu  

Re: Will I be too tall? 2013/2/3 20:19
You will stand out as much as any other foreigner from an Asian country, I think. Over 170 is tall but not monster level at least.

If you stand out too much, depends entirely on yourself. If it is too much for you, then it is. For some people, it's nothing. And for some people it might not be enough. Standing out too much is a personal problem and only you will know the answer.

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Re: Will I be too tall? 2013/2/6 04:05
You are a bit smaller to the average height of Japanese men, so you won't be so noticeable among the crowds. There are a handful of 5f7h Japanese ladies as well, especially with high-heels.

Japanese are used to different types of foreigners and we donft really look straight at you. Maybe children out of curiosity or rude drunk guys do, but you really donft have to worry about it.
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