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Tube hotel or other special hotel in Tokyo 2013/2/3 05:10
Hello does anybody have a cheap Hotel with good correspondance to the airport (Narita) To recommend ?. Woud like to try something typical Japanese like a tubehotel or other that are special to Japan or Tokyo : )
Best regards Stle
by urqell  

Re: Tube hotel or other special hotel in Tokyo 2013/2/3 08:42
If you're a guy, the Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel is really easy walking distance to Shinjuku JR Station (from which you can get the Narita Express to the airport).

Not the cheapest but I hear it's pretty nice as these things go.
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Re: Tube hotel or other special hotel in Tokyo 2013/2/11 16:42
Hello,thanks for the answer,do anybody have other recomandations too ?
Best regards Stle
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Re: Tube hotel or other special hotel in Tokyo 2013/2/12 04:18
I have found that the least expensive way to get to Tokyo is to use the Kensei Limited Express to Nippori Station. It is a station on the Yamanote Loop around Tokyo.

Here is the link for Narita Airport. It has information about the Kensei Limited Express.

I have stayed near Nippori Station at the Tokiwa Hotel. It is a buisness class hotel, and not a capsule hotel, but it does have a Onsen on the first floor, which is a very peticularly Japanese thing to have at a hotel. I am not sure this will work, but here is a link from JapaniCan:

Oh, yeah. The last time I went, the vending machine in the hallway had Budweiser in it, along with the Japanese beers.

The capsule hotel is probably less than the hotel, but the cost to get to Nippori on the limited express will be less than going on the Narita Express. The costs will be close.

If this is still over your budget, and you want the Tatami mat experience. When you exit the Kensei side of Noppori Station, enter the JR side, and get on the JR Jordan line for two stops to Minami-Senju Station. This will cost you an 150 yen.

The Hotel New Azuma is not a capsule hotel, but almost. The room I stayed in was a three tatami mat room, which is a six by nine foot room, with a futon on the floor to sleep on. There is one shared bathroom on each floor, which will be designated for one sex, so you man have to go up or down one floor to go to the bathroom. The cost of this hotel is similar to a capsule hotel, but you are now in a tatami mat room, which is also unique to Japanese accomidations. I hope these hotel links are working:

Another options is to take the Yamanote Loop to Ikebukuro, and stay at the Sakura Hotel, which is a International Hostel. There are dormitory rooms with several bunk beds in them, and you can sleep in one of these.

This is probably the least Japanese of the three options.
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Re: Tube hotel or other special hotel in Tokyo 2013/2/12 04:33
Oops, I forgot the link for transportation from Narita Airport:

I have stayed at all three hotels, and I like the Tokiwa Hotel in Nippori the best for the following reasons:

The Kensei train goes directly to the station, and I don't have to switch trains.

There is a Japanese post office about three or four doors down, and I can use the ATM to get money.

I like the bath, and the people who run the Hotel.

My second favorite was the Sakura hotel in Ikebukuro. I really like the cafe on the first floor, but it's further from the station, and the Post office is a few blocks away. You will end up spending time at the cafe meeting with other travelers, and the primary language spoken is English. You can find out what other people are doing, and get first hand reports of places they have gone.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Tube hotel or other special hotel in Tokyo 2013/2/15 14:56
Thank you wery much,then i booked the Tokiwa Hotel in Nippori . It looked very central and looked like a good hotel : 9
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Take a look at this hotel 2013/2/15 19:01
Was looking for a cheap+convenient hotel. Saw this--Hotel Lungwood as right next to Nippori stn while checking out the map for Tokiwa hotel. Seems this hotel is about the same price as Tokiwa hotel but much nicer and the room sz is 28 sq meters according to Japanican below !

Here are the reviews from Tripadvisor :

Tripadvisor ranks Chiyoda Inn higher than Hotel Lungwood and it is quite a bit cheaper still. It's supposed to be in the same neighbourhood although I did not check this out as I was already happy with Hotel Lungwood.
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