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Gifts ? 2013/2/3 09:20
Hello, I will go soon to Japan again and I will meet my Japanese teacher (ILm since 6 month her student).

She invite me to go eat at a Sushi restaurant then.

I wanna bring a gift for her, as a sign of gratitude. (ThatLs is normal here)

ItLs really a problem for me I don't wanna be rude!

I was thinking of maybe French Parfume or a neckerchief.
Here this would be a normal gift for womens, but I donLt know how Japanese would react.

So please help me!
Thank you.
by Uriziel  

Re: Gifts ? 2013/2/3 11:49
I assume you have been her online language teaching student for the past several months? I don't know her age, but to some people perfume might feel a bit too intimate. Since she says she is taking you for sushi, can you think of any local food from where you live? Local sweets or something? Or something to do with your country/city, like photo book.
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Re: Gifts ? 2013/2/3 20:21
AK is right.
Something to eat is usually the way to go.

She might hate the smell you have chosen.
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