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What to expect from Saito Sushi 2013/2/3 18:39
Saito sushi, 3 michelin stars in Akasaka.

They have a lunch course, and dinner courses.
But i'm just wondering, what would i expect to be eating? Will i be full?
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... 2013/2/3 20:50
There will be many blog reports detailing each course:-

Heaps more if you search. Obviously book well in advance.

Enjoy your sushi!
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Re: What to expect from Saito Sushi 2013/2/4 02:50
even if you only have a lunch reservation, order the dinner course. that's what everybody else at the counter did when i snagged a lunch reservation.

Make certain to find the blog pictures that show the parking garage entrance.. without, it's next to impossible to find.

The question is not will you be full but rather how many magical peices touch your tongue.

Saito and Sawada offer the best sushi experience in tokyo. Order the dinner course. it be criminal not too!

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What to expect from Saito Sushi 2013/5/4 20:34
Does anyone know how far in advance is Sushi Saito open for booking ?

Also, as mentioned in the previous thread, the dinner course is recommended even during lunch - noted.
However, is the price the same if taken during dinner or lunch ?

If it is the same, then I'd rather just make a reservation for dinner.

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Re: What to expect from Saito Sushi 2013/5/6 18:17
from this thread i think its quite apparent they open for booking 30days in advance..
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Re: What to expect from Saito Sushi 2013/5/9 08:07
you have to call for reservation on the first of the month 30 days before the month of your reservation. You can not make reservations any other way or for months furthur ahead. for example, you must call on Feb 1st, to get a reservation sometime in March. If you ask for April reservation, they will tell you to call back March 1st. it's the only way they can deal with massive requests.
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