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Certificate no impediment & translation 2013/2/4 05:52

I have a question I want to ask the forum.

I think it may have been asked before so forgive me if that is the case.

I am UK citizen and My fiance in Japanese.

We are planning to marry within a year so we are making the plans for this and starting to make ready paperwork etc.

We have been to the city hall In in the prefecture we live in Japan so we should be well informed.

I have a question regarding what I need to prepare from the UK goverment point of view.

Regarding the certicate of no impediment
( cni ) Which I belive I need to provide to the Japanese city hall to show there is no legal reason I can not marry my fiance.

Where would I be able to obtain this in UK, would this be from my city hall or my register office or the department that I can obtain a copy of my birth certificate ?

Also I think this would heve to be translated into Japanese for the Japanese city hall to allow it to be understaood and accepted.

If This is the case how should I make this translation ? I mean I could translate it to Japanese myself, as could my fiance, but I expect it would have to be translated by with some level of authenticity so where might I have that service carrie out... in the UK or in Japan and would I need a lawer or legal service to have this traslation carried out officially ?

As I said I appologise if this question has been asked before.

Thank you for any advice yopu may be able to offer.

I will ofcourse seek legal guidence where required, but this is just to point me in the right direction so I can start the process.


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Re: Certificate no impediment & translation 2013/2/4 20:20


These two threads, and the websites of British Embassy/consulate in general in Japan should give you all the answers :)
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Re: Certificate no impediment & translation 2013/2/5 02:43
As AK said, phone the UK embassy in Japan and they will tell you exactly what to take with you from the UK or any other country you have lived in and help you out.
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