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Japanese Bath Salts 2013/2/4 11:11
I got to try some Japanese bath salts in a hotel when I was on holiday there last year. I really liked them, and since I'm going again at the end of this month, I'd quite like to bring some home.

Where is the most likely place to find bath salts (pharmacy? dept. store? other?) and is there any particular noted brand I should look for?

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Re: Japanese Bath Salts 2013/2/4 22:47
I am fond of them myself and when I go to Japan I always buy a lot to bring home. (Note that they are relatively heavy, especially if you buy the large containers. They will weigh down your suitcase if you buy a lot.)

I seem to find the best prices at large supermarkets, but on a typical tourist itinerary you may not find yourself at one of these. But you can probably find at least a medium-sized supermarket, which should have a limited selection. There you can buy them in large containers so they are cheaper. (But you can't try them in advance, so you kind of have to take a chance on the scent/brand.) You can also find box sets of onsen-themed individual packets of salts in the grocery stores. I like all of those myself.

Muji is a good place to buy them. They have their own lines of different bath crystals, and they come in small packets as well as plastic bottles and refill bags. Pretty good prices, and excellent quality. Often they have samples in little bottles that you can smell to see if you like the scents. Loft also has a large selection of individual packets, many different brands. The packet designs are interesting so they are fun to shop for. You can also find them in large drugstores, although I haven't had much luck there to tell you the truth.

If you have trouble locating them in a store, ask for "nyu yoku zai".

I have never liked any of the ones I bought in 100-yen shops, by the way. Or the souvenir ones that are sold at various onsens.

As for brands, it's really a matter of personal preference. One thing you might do is buy some packets and try them during your trip, then get more of the ones you liked before you leave. (Do be prepared, however, for not being able to find exactly the same ones! This happens to me all the time. Be flexible.)

If you have time at the airport on the way home, you can buy them in the little Muji branch store to top off your bags with. (At least Narita and Kansai International have Muji stores in their shopping malls.) The selection will be small, but they are almost certain to have at least a few kinds of packets.

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Re: Japanese Bath Salts 2013/2/4 23:40
Thank you Uma, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Based on your info, I think I will avoid 100 yen shop stuff and check out Muji or Loft (or a supermarket, if I am lucky enough to find one).

I wasn't intending to bring a lot home, because I travel fairly light, but it'd be nice to have a little treat to remind me of my holiday later. I tried some Yuzu scented stuff when I was there last time and it was gorgeous.
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Re: Japanese Bath Salts 2013/2/6 01:38
Also check your local Japanese or Chinese supermarkets in your country. They may carry some varieties. They do in US.
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Re: Japanese Bath Salts 2013/2/6 04:07
Sadly there are no Japanese or Chinese supermarkets anywhere near my vicinity, though I'll certainly check out that option online and when I'm next in a city. Thanks for the tip!
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Re: Japanese Bath Salts 2013/2/13 06:47
I just got some on eBay. Bought a 20 pack of Kao brands for US$25 shipped. I don't know what they're like since I only ordered them last night but it didn't cost much to try out.

There are more brands on eBay, but these seemed the right price for me. I might try the TopValu brand next.
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Re: Japanese Bath Salts 2013/2/13 08:11
I used Kao bath cubes when I was over there - they were given to me free in a hotel in Hiroshima. I liked the mint one :)
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