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Mt. Fuji Climb 2013/2/5 10:34
I have searched on the forum and could not find the answer to my question, and so I seek anyone who has experience to give some advises about my plan to climb Mt Fuji.

I decided to come to Japan to climb the mountain on end of August but my question is if end of August is still good to climb the mountain? My plan is to arrive Tokyo on 28th August, climb Mt Fuji on 29th, descend on 30th.

Also, I am a single traveller. I have read somewhere that it is safe to climb the mountain alone but will the be any risk like lost due to different pathways?
by kooks  

... 2013/2/5 11:36
Your dates are at the end of the official season but fine.

Yes, safe and you are unlikely to get lost as it will still be busy.

Lots of useful info here:-

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Mt. Fuji Climb 2013/2/5 12:46
Your arrival on day one and climbing on day two
is very tight. You should give yourself a couple of days to adjust to jet lag , or the whole experience might seem like a dreamy blurr.

When in doubt coming down note where you arrived when going up and follow the person ahead of you until you are sure of the trail. Gravity should do the rest.

Oh, be sure to purchase a walking stick before your climb, and get it "branded" going up. you will treasure it forever.
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... 2013/2/5 13:22
Your arrival on day one and climbing on day two is very tight. You should give yourself a couple of days to adjust to jet lag

It is only a seven hour flight from Malaysia to Tokyo and there is only one hour timezone difference so it is probably fine. I never get jetlag for that sort of journey to Japan and back.
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... 2013/2/5 13:34
Your other suggestion including the walking stick suggestion is good advice of course!
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Re: Mt. Fuji Climb 2013/2/5 22:58
Your dates are fine, i climbed on 29/30th in 2010! The weather should still be very warm at that time (i climbed in shorts) but pay attention to weather reports.

There was thousands of people climbing the night i did, so you will be fine climbing alone.

If the weather is good wear a light set of clothes with some warmer ones to wear when it gets cold, and bring a second set to store in a locker at the 5th station as the decent is very very dusty.

A good pair of boots is essential with good ankle protection, and don't forget a head-light.

Enjoy your climb.
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Re: Mt. Fuji Climb 2013/2/6 10:45
Thanks for clearing all my doubts.

Yes, I have flown to Japan before and I have no problem with the jetlag or long flight issue.

Appreciate all your advise and comments!
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Re: Mt. Fuji Climb 2013/2/6 13:04
And again, don't underestimate the weather conditions.

It might be warm and sunny when you go up there, it might be cold with rain and snow (as was in my case when I went there in August a couple of years ago).

Definitely take some warm clothes with you, also enough to drink!!
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