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anime/ manga in london 2004/10/1 19:53
does any one know where to get anime and manga in english in london??? have been looking long but just can't find anything! heeelp!
by koza  

... 2004/10/2 09:50
If you are talkig about Japanese manga or Japan-related books, try the "Japan Center" bookstore right close by Picadilly Circus station?
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Manga in London 2004/10/2 16:58
Unfortunately the manga situation is pretty bad in London. There used to be a very big Japanese bookstore in the Oriental city, but that went under. You could try the "Japan Center" as AK-san suggested, but it is not very big. There used to be a lot of English manga and anime sold at the Forbidden Planet, but I haven't been there yet so I don't know if that is still the case. If you want to buy online, you can try http://www.otaku.co.uk/

I used to live in Paris and there were so many manga/anime shops over there. {sigh} They even have a Book-Off there now which surprises me as the number of Japanese living in London is far larger than in Paris. ^_^
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Manga in London 2004/10/6 20:33
For manga in english the cheapest place is
Orbital Comics
9 Old Compton Street Soho London W1D 5JF
Tel: 020 7434 9363

There is also a Forbidden Planet which has a lot of anime & manga
179 Shaftesbury Avenue
020 7420 3666

Believe it or not amazon uk have a reasonable amount of manga.

If you want manga in japanese there is a couple of shops in China Town, I don't have the address though. No anime or toys though.
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manga in london! 2004/12/4 00:41
There are a few places that I go to in London and I don't doubt that these places may be the only places that have english manga.
The first being Japan Centre, but they're collection is quite restricted. One of the BEST and largest sources of english manga would be Forbidden Planet, near Leisture Square station and near Convent Garden, next to the Odeon Cinema.It's massive, and they're all downstairs. They also have lots of cartoon and cult merchandise. Comic Showcase also have a goos number of manga; is nxt to the entry to China Town and Leisture Square Station, on the way to Forbidden Planet.
My other place favourite place would be GOSH! right opposite the British Museum in Russell Square. They have about the same collection as Comic Showcase but they seem to be more dedicated in stocking up their mangas and usually have the newest mangas. Hope this all helps!
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orbital has moved 2005/1/11 00:26
Orbital comics has moved, though i currently dont know where to! if anyones know where they have moved to please post a message!
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Orbital comics 2005/5/16 03:39
Orbital Comics (146 Charing Cross Road, London - opposite the Astoria)
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erm....... 2005/5/25 04:40
im not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does the japan center stock manga in japanese? i emailed gosh! comic store and they recomended japan center,im looking for cardcpator sakura and tokyo mew mew in particular......
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-- 2005/5/26 20:10
For Mnaga in Japanese you could try a shop I found once in Soho, near Piccadilly. Unfornately, I cant remember the name of the street, but I know that in that street theres a good japanese restaurant, and the street goes perpendicular to Berwick Street (which is crossed near the end of the street)
I dont know if its any helpful, but Im not at home and cannot give more details, sorry.
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O.C.S 2005/5/26 21:29
OCS next to Ealing Common Tube station has also recent manga in stock as a lot of other books in Japanese.
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Annime Village @ The London MCM Expo 2005/6/7 07:46
You want Manga & Anime? Then go to the London MCM Expo www.londonexpo.com
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Soho Manga Shop 2006/2/9 01:03
The street that the Japanese manga shop in Soho is on is Brewer Street. Closest Tube is Piccadilly. Don't know the name though - it's not very prominently displayed outside. It's painted white I think. It's also just a little way down from Arigato, a small Japanese supermarket.
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Hmmmmmm 2006/5/27 14:38
Thats weird...when i went to london there were a few shops...that did manga a stuff...mind you, i live in Reading, and i havn't been into london for a few years...sorry, but if i find out, i will post = ^ ^ =
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waterstones 2006/6/20 04:43
You can get it from the book store 'waterstones' there are many around.But i went to the one in oxford street and they have a section on comics and manga. Hope this helps
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Check this site out... 2006/7/17 06:47

A good guide to good anime/manga shops in London. I live in Stockholm, but I'm going to London soon, so I'm checking out good shops myself. ^^;
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Out of Date 2006/7/17 09:37
Don't both going to Comic Showcase, they closed for good in June due to problems with the landlord and have not relocated. Gosh and Orbital should be checked out, though.

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^^ 2006/8/14 20:50
If yer looking for mangas go to Blackwells! They have LOADS of them! Seriously XD And within a few weeks they'll be expanding again because the sales are going so well. But if they miss some volumes or series you like you could also check out the bookstore right across the street. Go to the section Graphic novels and you'll find quite a pleaseing amount there too =3 (it's sorted by age) I have the card with the adress but I'll have to look that up ^^;
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Orbit manga store 2007/6/14 06:09
Went craisy there today. located in saint martins lane. Nothing BUT manga and good prices to..
Blakwell good to. Forbitten Plantet was disaponting. (the clerk there was unhelpful!)
The clerk in Orck's nest told us about and where to find Orbit manga.
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anime/manga in london 2007/8/13 21:01
Orbital Manga in London is really good. One whole shop dedicated to Manga i can't imagine anything better! It's located in Upper St Martins Lane, WC2H. Tel: 0207 2405577

Staff were extremely helpful and they're the only shop that had what i wanted!!
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blackwells and borders 2007/10/2 20:20
On charing cross road, both of them. Borders is fairly good, standard prices really. Blackwells has actually a fairly big section, and they do if you buy 3 manga books, the cheapest or equal one is free. I don't know what the pries are in these other ones though, I didn't even know of their existence.
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