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host family? 2013/2/5 22:17
Where can i find a host family in japan with a nice price?
i think i'll study in japan in one or two years. i have no idea of where i can find a nice host family. i've checked some websites but i'm not sure, so any advices?

i've heard that my japanese would be alot better too if i stayed in a host family.
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Re: host family? 2013/2/6 11:01
I assume you don't know the language yet.

When you are in senior high school, look around to see if your school participates in some exchange programs like AFS, and come for a summer exchange or some other rather short-term program first. If you are interested in furthering your Japan experience/language study, once you graduate senior high school, you can come study full-time at a Japanese language school in Japan. You need to be 18 to enroll in a full-time language course I believe. You can think about accommodation then :) Please keep in mind that living for a year with a family you don't know "can" be difficult, and some language schools have their own dormitories or help you find accommodation.
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Re: host family? 2013/2/22 05:12
i can a little japanese

i've thought about summer exchange, i'm going there next year on a vacation too. but thank you so much.
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