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No degree - can I work in Japan? 2013/2/6 01:14
Hi all, I post here in the hope that someone if not all will be able to help me gather some information. I am a twenty nine year old male, I have no degree but plenty of working experience gained over the last ten years. I went to uni but the course was not right for me and so I dropped it and so therefore I do not hold a degree. I have always wanted to travel to Japan and see the culture it has to offer. I know that the best way to possibly do so is by getting a job over there and paying my way with the money from my income.

Obviously however I understand that it is not very easy if even possible to get a job without a degree qualification. I have no friends from Japan nor have I met many people who have been either. I have done a fair amount of research and I read very recently one post that someone put up on a website (the name of which escapes me) with the very same question as my own. The reply the person got was that it would be possible if the person had what is known as a ''Working Holiday Visa''. This was posted back in 2006 and I wanted to know if this still has some validity to it, and if so has anyone else done it recently and are now or have previously worked in Japan with it?

Thank you to those who take the time to read my post. I eagerly await your replies.

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... 2013/2/6 11:03
Working Holiday Visa information:-

Assuming you meet the requirements and apply soon then you should be fine.

Use the search tool above to search for "Working Holiday Visa" or "WHV" and you should see a number of other useful threads.

Obviously ensure you have enough money to cover you for the first few months while you travel/look for work.

Good luck, enjoy your trip!

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Re: No degree - can I work in Japan? 2013/2/6 11:23
Working Holiday Visa is available to UK nationals, but there is an age limit to it I believe of 30 at the time of application, so hurry and look into it/apply. This one allows you to engage in paid work so that you can pick up some casual jobs to help with expenses for extensive travel.

But if you want to come just travel/visit and sightsee (but no paid work is allowed), as a UK national you can just come with your passport and stay/travel up to 90 days.
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Re: No degree - can I work in Japan? 2013/2/7 00:49
Thank you both for your answers. I made a mistake on my own age (how? I have no idea). I am not twenty nine yet. I am twenty eight and wont be twenty nine until the very end of August.
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