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Valentine/Chocolate Wagashi 2013/2/7 01:42

I'm a complete novice to wagashi so I tried looking up recipes, but I can't seem to find any for chocolate wagashi or some other Valentine-type. I want to make some and send them to my friends in Japan. Does anyone have a recipe they wouldn't mind sharing, or know of a recipe that I can easily alter (with good results!) to incorporate chocolate?

by tamago (guest)  

Re: Valentine/Chocolate Wagashi 2013/2/8 13:41
I don't think Chocolate Wagashi exists, and nothing came out when I googled. When you use chocolate as a main ingredient, it won't be Wa (Japanese) anymore.
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Re: Valentine/Chocolate Wagashi 2013/2/8 21:05
How about Maccha-chocolate like this?
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