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Jobs in Japan for non-native English 2013/2/7 02:07

I've seen a few posts with this question but they're old and didn't exactly answer my doubts, so I'm gonna ask once again and hope for your honest opinions.

I am a Portuguese woman, with a College Degree in Tourism Management.

I want to move to Japan but, after weeks searching for jobs throughout the web, teaching English is what Ifve seen the most and, to my dismay, only native speakers have the right to teach, apparently.

So, with that option out of the way, Ifm left with this question:

- is there any real possibility for me to find a job in Japan if I go as a language student, OTHER than teaching? Can I find a job in hotel industry or stores? I also have experience as a sales clerkc

I'd really appreciate all the info you could provide me, please ^.^

by InesM (guest)  

Re: Jobs in Japan for non-native English 2013/4/17 16:59
yeah, maybe, you can work at preschool, kindergarten and afterschool.
There are a lot of no-navtive english speaker work there.
by naotioman rate this post as useful

Re: Jobs in Japan for non-native English 2013/4/17 23:41
Actually, many of English schools in Japan seem to search native English speakers or Japanese who can speak English as teachers.
There're many jobs for foreigners, especially in Tokyo, but I suggest you should have specialty aside from English. Otherwise, you would have only disadvantage, comparing to foreigners who have already lived in Japan.
Sorry if my opinion made you upset.
by d kanai rate this post as useful

Re: Jobs in Japan for non-native English 2013/4/18 01:24
naotioman, thank you for the positive reply =)

d kanai, thank you for the practical advice. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, and I am learning Japanese. Indeed, my goal is to become almost fluent in japanese before moving to Japan.

Both your replies made me happy =) It means I have a chance of finding a job in Japan.

Thank you so much for answering!!
by InesM rate this post as useful

Re: Jobs in Japan for non-native English 2013/4/18 11:17
I have heard of schools in Tokyo that like to have a variety of people from different countries teaching English. I knew a German girl who was an English teacher once.
There are also jobs out there for teachers of practically every language, I stumbled on an advert for a Danish teacher the other day; Spanish and Portuguese will be more in demand than that I would guess!
by takeda's ghost (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Jobs in Japan for non-native English 2013/4/19 03:31
Oh, really?

Wow, thank you so much for the info, takeda's ghost =)
by InesM rate this post as useful

Re: Jobs in Japan for non-native English 2013/7/15 23:32

I have been also trying to find a job in Japan and I have been came to this conclusion.

You might find a job, but harder is to get working visa. Because you will need a work place which can be available to sponsor you a visa and that is hard to find.

But if you have a visa, then I cannot see any problem to find a job here ^w^
Good like ;)
by Amihellou (guest) rate this post as useful

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