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engineering studies in japan? 2013/2/8 05:43
Hello all!I am moving to japan soon for taking language courses during 1 year. I also have the intention to take the EJU examination. and then take the entrance examination for a university in Tokyo. I just want to know, how are mathematics in japan? I studied engineering by the french system during 2 years, in my country! in the french system concerning mathematics, they care mostly about the concept itself and reflexion, and during examinations you face some very abstract complicated problems. Is it the same in Japan, or do they give more importance to calculus?
another thing, is preparation for the EJU examination is equal to preparing university's entrance exam? in other words, are the lessons studied for the EJU are the same ones to learn for entrance examination for engineering?
does engineering require more practise than theory in japan or the opposite? in my country they care mostly about theory, and pure abstract mathematics and pure physics more than practical subjects. I tried to contact universities but they don't give me conreat answers! then I am looking forward to your answers!
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Re: engineering studies in japan? 2013/2/9 12:41
IMO, it is much easier to study mathematics, especially calculus in your country than in Japan.
Japanese math text books and lectures use old kanji(& old lectures, lol) to explain and even the native (me) couldn't comprehend clearly at college in Japan. But it was so easily explained in English at an uni. in USA.
English is more logical and comprehensible and I think the same in French. This is due to the Japanese mind is different than the westerners that it is more of going around & around than logically straight (from my ESL(English for Second Language) text book).lol. The book also compared the Russian mind but I won't go into that here.
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Re: engineering studies in japan? 2013/2/9 18:25
Hello! To be honest, I don't think that you have understood my question! sorry! but I didn't talk about the language, I am talking about the maths content itself! in my country for engineering courses, there's no something called calculus in maths, or simple calculations! all we have is pure abstract mathematics. you need to think further and follow your intuition to solve mathematical problems! we cared mostly about the concept itself, and a deep reflexion!it's not that simple actually! so I have no clue if engineering students in japan have the same thing, or the maths they study is practical and serves for the other subjects!
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Re: engineering studies in japan? 2013/2/9 19:26
but are calculus lessons, well all of the lessons to the ones in the USA?
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Re: engineering studies in japan? 2013/2/12 22:41

I think it depends a little on what type of engineering you want to do. 1st year engineering undergraduates will usually take linear algebra and calculus in their first year, and then in second year it divulges a bit depending on what your major is. I do chemical engineering, and at my Australian university I would still take maths courses in my second and third years, but in Japan it was limited to first year.

In terms of the first year courses it was a very similar standard to the coursework I undertook in Australia, and I think that's true for most universities around the world. 2nd year+ courses however will probably vary a bit, so you might have to check the syllabus of the courses you want to apply to, and see what they cover.
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