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Where to eat Narezushi? 2013/2/9 16:52
Where to eat Narezushi (熟れ寿司) in the Tokyo / Kawagoe area?
Having lived in Scandinavia and eaten surstromming, the idea of smelly, fermented fish doesn't scare me. I would love to give this old version of sushi a try.

I found this old thread but wanted to confirm that the information is still valid: http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+68178
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Re: Where to eat Narezushi? 2013/2/9 23:28
I read old thread and seach again.
"Yume Plaza Shiga" sales "Funa-zushi(sushi)[ふなずし/鮒寿司]".

recommend "with sake,shochu or wine(white) best matching.

Some Izakaya[居酒屋] menu exist in Tokyo.
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