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Season 2013 Baseball tickets? 2013/2/10 16:32
I live in Japan, and *have a vague* understanding of the Loppi machine. So I can go and muddle through it. But I just need to know when they tickets will start going on sale. We may try to go to a giants game and I know it can be hard if you don't get there quick.

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Re: Season 2013 Baseball tickets? 2013/2/12 04:19
1) how to Loppi

2-A) home game(mostly Tokyo dome/h[)
̔(sales info) (now on sale)
ΐ푊: visitors team name

Giants is Central League(Ce-league) team
but in open=off season games(in may) and interleague gamae(in May) plays vs "Pa-league" teams.

2-B) visitor game
sales info : must go to visitor taems web.
- gray date means visitor stadium games.
- yellow date means guest stadium as home game.
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Re: Season 2013 Baseball tickets? 2013/2/12 04:24

open=off season=spring training games(in March)
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Re: Season 2013 Baseball tickets? 2013/3/2 08:51
Thanks! That is very helpful!!! :)
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