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G6PD deficiency 2013/2/11 23:03
Hello! just want to ask the exactly translation for this allergy that i have incase i need to visit a hospital/clinic while i'm in japan.


and if you know, may i ask what type of japanese food should i be avoiding? thanks!!

thank you!
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Re: G6PD deficiency 2013/2/12 10:16
hi, I'm sorry for your allergy.
G6PD deficiency in Japanese is "グルコース-6-リン酸デヒドロゲナーゼ"

Wikipedia for this allergy in Japanese is

Also, I read this page, "Forbidden Food for G6PD Cases."
In the page, they say you should avoid
1.Fava beans ソラマメ 2.Legumes マメ科牧草類3.Soya or Soy ダイズ 4.Peanuts ピーナッツ5.Menthol-Flavored Candies and Food ハッカ/メントール味のキャンディーや食品

I'm sorry to say you can't eat almost all the food in Japan. Especially soya or soy, it is often used as seasoning or flavoring in Japanese dishes, (miso ミソ, soy source ショウユ are the most common.), so you have to be careful.

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Re: G6PD deficiency 2013/2/12 10:22
Sorry! I forgot to show the url

"Forbidden Food for G6PD Cases"


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