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Old TV NHK Show 2004/10/3 02:58
When I was a kid, I used to watch a NHK (I think) TV show. It was about three marionettes: Taro, Kika and Kiko. (Maybe their names were different here).And their daily educational adventures in Japan. What's the name of that show?
by Macrend  

Taro & kika 2004/10/30 13:08
the show was called Taro and Kika , i dont remember so well but i think it was a segment from the show Noppo & Gonta. that they where a guy with a yellow hat and a some kind of giant dog
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Mexico loves "Kiko, Taro & Kika" 2005/9/9 01:40
Im 20 years old, and Im from Mexico, the name of the program here was ''Kiko, Taro y Kika'', and I want to know more about this wonderful ''Childhood Flashback Program'', Dont forget the great ''Noppo & Gonta'' so, I love them so much again.
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The name in spanish was... 2005/12/30 03:55
In Mexico and latinamerica it was called "los juegos de kiko taro y kika" (kiko, taro and kika's games) and the segment was called "me lo contarn en Japn" ( they told me in Japan) and another segment with noppo and gomtha was called "puedo hacerlo yo" (I can do it). I think only japanesse people knows the name of the tv show in Japan, the quality was not the best but it entertain you because it was different that we used to watch on tv, so it was broadcasted by canal 11 (a cultural channel from a university in Mexico), but it has 15 years that was broadcasted and we don't know anymore of that tv show ever, what a pity, i'd like to know the name of the tv show in japanesse, thnka a lot
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noppo & gonta 2006/1/9 07:44
hi, my name its lucia, im peruvian, and i whish to know about an old tv show, noppo and gonta...so if somebody has an information about it,please write me back.
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Hello 2006/3/28 13:44
deikirukana is the japanese name of the Gonta and Noppo TV program
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Noppo&Gonta 2007/2/2 05:37
hi i find in Youtube a video of Gonta http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOfVsEiu2FE bye
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help please 2007/2/14 05:14
i do remember kika and taro and suddenly another thing cameto my mind does anybody rememnber a show about like taro and kika it was with marionnettes but they were animals that show aired in the same perios as taro and kika and it was also japanese histories played by this animals marionettes i think that there was a tiger and some kind of purple bear and stuff...does anybody remember the name of that show?
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mis@ 2007/4/3 23:11
i think i know what u mean (mis@) ,..
it was like a classroom of animals(marionettes) the teacher was a female rabbit i think.
i cant remember the name of the show either but i used to enjoy it alot.
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I think I remember that ... 2007/5/18 02:49
I think I remember that last show that you are talking about, men I'm really old, hope someone remembers the name of that show and hopefully a link to a video.
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still on air 2007/7/16 06:54
hola chicos, les tengo buenas noticias (al menos a los ke vivimos en mexico). el otro dia por casualidad me encontre con estos shows, los estan transmitiendo aun por el canal 22 ke es el ke los transmitia originalmente en conjunto con NHK y luego tambien los pasaban en la red de tv del canal de la SEP (en los 80s se acuerdan?). bien pues vean el canal 22 los viernes a eso de las 3 de la tarde, ya los pille, solo lo ponen para rellenar la programaciond e vez en cuando (osea ke no los ponen regularmente) pero con algo de suerte podran verlos, yo casi llore de nostalgia. por cierto el show de marionetas de animalitos se llamaba "nios en crecimiento" el de los cuentos japoneses se llamaba "me lo contaron en japon" y gonta y noppo se llamaba "deikurana" ah y habia otro muy bueno llamado "1 2 3 matematicas" en el ke salia algo asi como un duende y su amigo humano.
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still on the air 2007/7/16 06:58
hey guys I got good news (at least for the ones who live in mexico). some day I ran into this tv shows. theyre being aired on canal 22. friday at 3 oclock. if you have a satellite dish and dont mind watching them in spanish you may catch them.
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I remember 2008/5/6 05:38
It's so sad to see that nowdays tv shows are so different from wht they used to be. i used to wath kiko taro and kika all the time. I have a brother and people used to say we looked just like the marionets. Do u guys know where to find that show online. I tried youtube but i had no luck. I can't even find pictures. What was the other show called?.... It had moarionetes too but they were animals. Do u guys remember "bosque majico"? That cartoon rock!!!! gotta love the 80's!!!!
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ventana de colores 2008/6/4 03:48
i think i remember the name in Mexico it was Ventana de colores,(window of colors)
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