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Lone wolfs? 2013/2/12 10:50
Anyone went to japan alone, live alone, study alone and work alone(no one from your home country is with you). And your family is poor, kinda decisive whether to pay for your study fees in japan.

I want to know how to react to it :/, can anyone please help me?
by KageNoArashi  

Re: Lone wolfs? 2013/2/13 21:12
Yes, lots of people do that. Most people don't come over with family members.

My family did not assist me in any way to come to Japan financially. I saved money through my part time jobs in my home country, applied for jobs in Japan and for my working holiday visa, and flew out by myself.

There's nothing unusual about what I did, it's a popular thing to do.

I'm afraid your question isn't clear though, how to react to what exactly?
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Re: Lone wolfs? 2013/2/14 18:46

I also went alone.
Didn't bring any savings either with me.

But, then again I went to work at a pharmaceutical company with steady salary, so there was no problem.

How people end up in Japan is hugely case-by-case situation.
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Re: Lone wolfs? 2013/2/14 18:54
My non-Japanese (now) husband came to Japan when he was around 20 or so to study at a language school. His parents back home paid the tuition (you need to pay upfront to get the student visa) and gave him a bit of living expenses, but it was just enough to scrape by. He lived alone in Tokyo during his studies. Then he went back to his country, attended university, then found a job, which eventually, far later, got him to Japan. It might take long-term planning, but most people do come alone.
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Re: Lone wolfs? 2013/2/15 12:10
The lone wolf lives an interesting life. Separated from its mates, it hunts silently.
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Re: blueflamingo 2013/2/17 21:23
React = to get enough $$$ to live there, or study there (especially when the fees are expensive and my parents can't afford it, have to pay myself :/)

And my original plan was to go to japan straight after i graduate from college, which seems like it is nearly impossible now, like roughly at what age is most suitable to live in japan? :P

Sry for the horrible english
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Re: Lone wolfs? 2013/2/17 22:14
There is no "suitable age" for moving into Japan.

You just need to fill the immigration requirements and naturally have a source of income.

Well... normally they are requited as a set.
Academic degree and job offer from a company. Of course there are more unconventional methods like marrying and then moving, but ladies don't usually want a non-working husband to taken care of.
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Re: Lone wolfs? 2013/2/18 09:50
I don't know kodama, I've seen quite a few women take on such husbands....

Anyway, a plan to go to Japan after you graduate from college sounds like a good idea. With a bachelors-level degree in hand you have a good chance at finding English teaching work. Try and scrape together as much as you can to get yourself started, but if you find a job in Japan you should have no problems supporting yourself here.
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Re: Lone wolfs? 2013/2/19 03:34
Well, at least in couple of surveys from last year the financial situation of the husband-to-be was among the top criteria in selecting the guy.

And in another survey they asked how much the women would be the minimum for the husband to earn. The result was about over 50% higher than the average wage of males working in Japan.

To add to that the higher difficulty of foreign person to land a job in Japan, my thought is that uneducated and poor foreign men are not very desired as a potential husband.

...unless the guy happens to be superbly handsome, or the lady is rich cougar that has a thing for foreign guys. ;)

But seriously... If you try hard enough, you'll probably find a way regardless of starting situation. Just try not to achieve it through illegal means, lying or by using peoples feelings for your advantage.
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