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Shopping for Kimono fabric 2013/2/14 10:36
Would anyone be able to give me the address of a store that sells Kimono fabric by the metre or the beautiful fabric that make up the Goji's outfit that they wear when refereeing the sumo?
I don't just want Yukata fabric, but a couple of metres at least of a beautiful silk fabric to make a large framed picture.

I have considered obi fabric, but they are 33cm wide and I was hoping for soming a bit wider. Preferably the wider Tokyo area or Osaka/Kyoto.
Thank you
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Re: Shopping for Kimono fabric 2013/2/14 11:49
Nippori Textile Town perhaps? Though I can't name any specific silk stores.

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Re: Shopping for Kimono fabric 2013/2/14 12:22

Are you saying that you are trying to make a piece of art? Or are you trying to make clothing?

Basically, kimono fabrics (they are called "tan-mono") aren't sold by the meter. You are to buy a whole role, and one role should be just right for making one kimono which is a traditional costume made according to strict rules.

Authentic kimono fabrics are also very delicate and needs professional care to maintain its quality. Otherwise it would get stains just by storing it in your closet for so long.

On the other hand, you can go to one of the so-called "kimono recycle" stores to buy second-hand fabrics. You can often buy them in cheap prices if they have stains or if they are slightly worn out. Stained or worn out tan-mono cannnot be used to make kimono you can wear around, but they are ideal for making other things like bags or covers. Artists tend to use materials like these.
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Re: Shopping for Kimono fabric 2013/2/14 16:48
Thank you for your advice. No I do not wish to make clothing but to put a nice piece of fabric under glass in a framed picture style. The recycled places sound suitable as I could cut out the soiled pieces. Where abouts in Tokyo are these recycled shops please? I do remember many years ago Takashimaya has "Sales"of hire kimonos but I haven't seen this advertised lately. The Hyatt in Kyoto have strips of fabric sewn together to makeup the headboards of their beds, so it must be available somewhere.
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Re: Shopping for Kimono fabric 2013/2/15 00:24

There are recycle kimono shops everywhere. Here is one of the many lists of them. It's better to phone them in advance to see if they have the right fabric for you, though.
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