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Any hostel recommendations in Tokyo? 2013/2/16 09:15
Hi, I am going to stay in Tokyo for 2 nights. For one night I would like to try out a capsule hotel, but for the other I would like to stay in a hostel (low cost and opportunity to meet fellow travellers). There are so many to choose from - does anyone have any favourites?! Thanks!
by greenorangatan  

... 2013/2/16 22:46
If you are female your options for capsules will be quite limited.

For Hostels, K's House, J Hoppers and Khoasan are popular ones that get mentioned here pretty often. A friend enjoyed his stay at Ace Inn Shinjuku too. As you mention, plenty of others if you search.

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Any hostel recommendations in Tokyo? 2013/2/17 02:39
It's all up to what you're happy with of course, but there are many inexpensive yet clean places. You also might look at:

And if you have never stayed in one before, I recommend you spend at least a night in a Japanese Inn or ryokan. There are some inexpensive ones in Tokyo, like the Kimi, the Tama, the Taito and the Tokyo Ryokan. See:
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Re: Any hostel recommendations in Tokyo? 2013/2/17 05:08
juyoh and aizuya in are the best
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Re: Any hostel recommendations in Tokyo? 2013/2/17 07:26
Khaosan Tokyo Original ( has a great location by the river in Asakusa. I really enjoyed my stay there last year.
Toco Tokyo Heritage Hostel ( is in a newly renovated traditional Japanese building. It's very nice with sliding doors and a garden. The walls are very thin, though, so be prepared that it can be a bit noisy. The location is not the best, but it's not too far from Ueno which is on the Yamanote Line.
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