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How does Japanese Mcdonalds taste? 2004/10/13 03:30
Does it taste like it does in the US? Is it only in tokyo or is it everywhere? Are the sizes the same? Any help is much apreciated.
by Aristo147  

... 2004/10/13 12:45
It tastes the same as elsewhere in the world. Even the Japanese style dishes, like the tsukimi burger, all taste the same to me :-)

Also, McDonalds can be found across Japan, not just in Tokyo.
by Uji rate this post as useful

size 2004/10/13 12:49
As for the size, the smallest and puniest burgers I have ever had were at some McDonalds stores in Canada. I find the ones at Japanese McDonalds to be slightly larger than the ones in Canada, but still rather puny and ugly - completely different from the pictures above the counter.
by Uji rate this post as useful

McDonalds Flavour 2004/10/13 12:58
i didn't even realise that you could get cardboard in different flavours!
by Jason C rate this post as useful

McDonalds Flavour p2 2004/10/13 12:59
... in addition, why the heck would you travel all the way to Japan and want McDonalds? "When in Rome..."
by Jason C rate this post as useful

food 2004/10/13 13:26
if i went to mcyd's (slag used here in the US for McDonalds.) in japan i think id try something new instead of what i normaly get. i think id to get a lunch box instead.

ow and i would finish your phrase but i don't know of any roman food. lol! eat pasta mabe?
by CJM rate this post as useful as the Romans do! 2004/10/13 13:35
When in Rome... eat raw fish, lots of rice, sea weed, a billion different types of mushrooms, some things that your not sure exactly what they are, and of course as the Romans do!
by Jason C rate this post as useful

Fast food 2004/10/13 16:41
If you like fast food, give MOS burger a try when you're in Japan.

The first couple of times I visited Japan, I confess that it happened that I went to McDo occasionaly. It is not very good, but it is easy, you know how to eat it and it is cheap. ^_^;;
by Kappa rate this post as useful

Burger 2004/10/14 00:46
MOS is definitely a must try!!! McMickey D's is alright but definitely not the best. However the teriyaki flavor burger at McMickey D's is worth a try.

by Laubowski rate this post as useful

same as anywhere else 2004/10/14 12:18
1. McDonald's tastes the same in Japan as it does in the U.S., but they add some extra things to the menu that you won't find in the U.S.
2. You can find it all over Japan.
3. Regular portion sizes are the same as the U.S., but they don't have supersizes.

But I would like to echo the "when in Rome" comments of some of the posters here. It is an awful waste of money to travel to a foreign country and eat the same stuff you can get at home. But that's your choice.

I see a lot of people recommending Mos in this thread. I would recommend Mos to men, but not to women. Mos burgers are tasty. They use thick beef patties and put thick slices of tomato in their burgers and add this sloppy joe mixture to it. For beef-loving young men it's great. I wouldn't recommend it to women though because it's messy, and most women don't like messy food. (By the way, their fried chicken is pretty yummy too.)

by Tammori rate this post as useful

actually.. 2004/10/27 19:15
I find Japanese McDoanald's are far better than Canadian ones( dont know bout the US) At least, the chicken burger and fries here are a helluva lot better. But yes, i prefer MOS burger, by far. It tastes more like real food.
by Ciata rate this post as useful

Burger 2004/10/27 22:34
MOS Burger Rules!!!!!
by Laubowski rate this post as useful

MOS burger rules... if you're a midget 2004/10/30 21:01
MOS burger tastes ok.... but the sizes are tiny. After eating a large size meal I end up going back for another.
by Noewon rate this post as useful

McDonalds is Better in Japan 2004/11/1 13:22
I have to confess, I'm a very picky eater and McD's is one of the few things I eat. I had it almost every day I was in Japan last month and now I am spoiled. It is so much better there than in the US. It is always fresh, hot, and the service is very friendly. The ketchup and mustard are a bit different but the standard menu items taste exactly the same. More the same then they taste in Europe or Australia (yes, I've had McD's around the world!)
by Elissa rate this post as useful

Why, why why? 2004/11/12 13:03
Why on earth would you want to eat McDukies (anywhere on earth - but particularly in Japan)?
True, if you have to have hamburgers then MOSS is the way to go.
Why not just try some real food? There is plenty of it available - and lots of it is inexpensive.
by Jpapa rate this post as useful

What's wrong 2004/11/12 13:08
What's wrong with eating McDonalds? I am from America and have been living in Japan for 4 years. Whenever I go to a new country, I always try out these local McDonald hamburgers. Those you can't find elsewhere, like Tsukimi Burger in Japan, Spicy McChicken in Taiwan etc.... Dude is only asking a question about McDonalds, there's no need to input your own personal opinion.
by Joe rate this post as useful

spicy mcchicken in taiwan 2004/11/12 13:38
we have that in singapore, we have MANY more others too lol xP
by novix rate this post as useful

Mc Donalds 2004/11/12 19:59
A Mc Donalds Hamburger,Bacon roll or any other of its foods has no taste on its own.
The taste comes fronm the sauces added to it which also contain lots of sugar.fat,salt
and water.Why eat this when you can eat Japanese food ?
by Carlo rate this post as useful

That's BS 2004/11/13 00:21
Carlo, you are not thinking straight. What makes you think that Japanese food have tastes on their own? They rely on soy sauce, mirin, sake, and other seasonings as well. Why do you think you dip sashimi with soy sauce? Why do you put worchester sauce on pork cutlet? It's the same idea. We all have our own preference over food, but you should not criticize some food just because you don't like it.
by Henry rate this post as useful

One more note 2004/11/13 00:24
"Modern" Japanese food is not exactly very healthy neither. They rely on butter and lard for flavors, and there are too many fried food too. Japanese food = healthy is a wrong image. "Traditional" Japanese food is healthy, not "modern"
by Henry rate this post as useful

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