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Biggest Muslim community in Japan? 2005/6/1 23:24
Where in Japan is there the biggest Muslim community? We would like to visit and get to know the Muslims in Japan and were wondering if there's an area that Muslims like to live?
by oceanhill  

Oi... 2005/6/2 23:47
The muslim community in Japan is not a very popular one, from what I have read. I found on Google that there is an Islamic Center in Setagay-ku (Tokyo) [], though. The muslim population of Tokyo is about 0.2%, so I bet they're hard to find.

Just out of curiousity...why did you ask this question? I know what you said in the question, but could you please elaborate?
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thanks Nkoah 2005/6/3 11:32
Thanks for your help with our question.

As for why we asked the question -- well in Australia for example, Muslims tend to live close to other Muslims, and so there are areas where for example there are many Muslims and it's like a little town with a local mosque and Muslim shops etc. We were wondering if this was the same in Japan.
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... 2005/6/13 06:08
So, basically, the answer is that you're Muslim and want to be by other Muslims?
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Travel Agents in Singapore 2006/2/28 14:05
Could u kindly me the contacts of Muslim travel Agent in Japan. We wish to visit Japan & visit all the Community in Japan if possible. Hope to here from u soon.
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As far as i know 2006/3/14 08:31
well in japan of course Tokyo has a big Islamic center so u will find ur aim there. However there is a large number of Muslims living in Beppu , Oita coz they are students in the uni. over there. are a large number from different countries. And they are in taking steps to build mosques there. there are also in Fukoka , Kobe, Ehime ... and many others but as far as i know APU university got a large no. of Muslims. good luck
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where does the practisig muslims live 2006/5/4 04:27
where do the muslim live in japan the majority
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Interesting 2007/6/26 19:33
I'm Muslim and I didn't know that there was too much of a Islamic population. Hmm, out of curiosity I'd like to know where Muslims are located as well.
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TV document 2007/6/27 00:24
Last year, NHK aired a very interesting program, "Saitama - Tonari no Islamjin (Saitama - Muslim in your neighborhood)." It covered 3 days before the end of Ramadan and how Muslims living in Japan lead their life. According to the program, there are about 3000 muslims (mainly Pakistani) in Toda, Saitama.

This webpage has a list of mosque in Japan. (Japanese only)

You may check Islamic Center Japan.
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Mosques, all over Japan 2007/8/31 17:21
Assalam Alaikum

Now there are many Masjids (mosques) in Japan, nearly in all prefectures. Even more than 1 in some prefectures. Though majority of Muslims in Japan are no-Japanese, but now Japanese Muslims are also increasing.
If looking for mosque in Yokohama area, visit
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I'm not sure but 2007/9/1 04:43
I heard that there are many Pakistani people living in Niigata prefecture&Toyota prefecture. They're exporting Japanese cars to other countries. I heard there are about 500 Pakistani people in Niigata, and there is a mosque for them as well.
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kobe 2007/9/2 22:37
When I was in Osaka, one of my friends, a muslim, often went to get halal food at a store in Kobe. I don't know the exact location, other than it being near the Hankyu Sannomiya station.
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should we make one? 2007/10/12 15:35
hi dear all,
Im Indonesian and im a moslem too. I ve been living here in Yokohama area for 1 year.I would love to meet and join moslem community near my area.Or if many people feels the same why dont we make new community?
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. 2007/10/12 22:16
I live in Hiroshima, and I've seen Muslims around before. Maybe... 2 or 3 times. (I could tell because of the shawl covering their hair.) It's nice to know that theres Muslims out here. =]
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Need Help 2007/10/24 05:03
Hi all
I'm a french muslim, and i'm very interested in japanese culture. I'd like to make contact with japanese muslim (it's not like i only want muslim !! but it's more rare).
If somebody can help me.
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muslim community in Kansai area. 2007/12/10 15:26
I am a turkish-american muslim. Last summer, I was in Kansai area.I can give you the name of the islamic centers that I visited .Its for you and the friends who lives in Japan and interested in Islam.

when you visit one of them,you can get more information about the other centers in Japan.
Especially,I recommend for Japanese friends and to you to visit Tokyo camii(mosque).It is such a glorious islamic cultural center. *****(highly recommended)

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mosque near Omika, Japan 2008/6/15 22:02
Dear japan muslium,
iam from india want to know mosque near Omika station, Ibaraki pref. Japan.
I dont know japaneese please provide the mosque detail with map route so that i can find out easlily.
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Interesting 2008/8/16 15:36
mmm this is cool.. i m a muslim frm singapore, n i've always been interested with japanese culture.. n i've always been curious too about muslims in japan.. so i google-d, n found this site! thx for the links~

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please help me now 2008/9/1 23:12
Dear japan muslium,
iam from thailand want to know mosque near nara or yoshino, coz now ramadon so would be noprobrem for me when taroweah and edin arha. .
I dont know japaneese please provide the mosque detail with map route so that i can find out easlily.
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Mosque in Japan. 2008/9/20 02:28
You should go to this link and search it then call up the nearest mosque with your place for more infos!
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