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2000 yen note 2006/5/22 12:30
Is there a 2000 yen note in circulation? Why have I never got one in my change?
by sensei  

used to be 2006/5/22 15:21
There used to be one, and perhaps there still is. It wasn't popular, except in Okinawa, because an Okinawan landmark was featured on it.
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the millenium note 2006/5/22 15:35
The 2000 yen note was produced in the year 2000 and of course it still exists and is in use.

However, ever since it was made, a lot of people who got them kept them for themselves since it was kind of a special note. Another thing is that a lot of vending machines couldn't accept this particular note, and therefore people didn't appreciate getting a hold of them for practical use. Also, I'm not sure but, they probably didn't make a lot of these notes.
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If you want them... 2006/5/22 15:54
Due to their unpopularity, if you want to get a 2000 note, ask at a bank. They will probably be more than happy to give them to you.

Foreign based (specifically in your home country) money lenders/traders also have them...if you are so inclined they will flog them off on you.
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.. 2006/5/22 16:26
This is very similar to the USA $2 dollar bill.

Its still legal tender and a bank would probably give one to you if you ask, however no vending machine to my knowledge accepts them, and most people don't use the bill in regular circulation, even though it is still legal tender. It is funny because there have been cases where someone would try to purchase something with a $2 dollar bill and the person on the recieving end would thinking a 2 dollar bill does not exist and it is fact, and call the police, only to find out that it in fact is real money!
Not sure if its that extreme in Japan, but the way the 2000yen bill is described reminded me of the US 2 dollar bill.
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WOW!! 2006/5/22 19:36
Thankyou! I've learned so much from that!! I had no idea!
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bank? hmm 2006/5/22 20:29
I dont know, but i doubt you could just get one from the bank. Some people collects these bills like crazy. You can live in Japan for years without ever getting one so... I was given one as a gift once and ive been faithfully protecting it since^^
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ATM 2006/5/23 10:08
They are often dispensed from ATMs in convenience stores (at least Osaka they are).
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Yep. 2006/5/26 01:52
They are often dispensed from ATMs in convenience stores (at least Osaka they are).

Yep was just about to post that. In the last seven months I've gotten them on four or five occasions at the local Lawsons. Have hung onto one though, it's cool in a souvenir-y way.
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oops 2006/12/6 11:51
I got one in tokyo as change for a passnet card when I first arrived. I didn't realise how rare it was and just used it as I would any other note.

I keep hoping to get another... but maybe Matsuya isn't my best bet.
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2000 yen question 2008/3/8 19:33
I find it odd that the 2000 yen note is not used or liked. I am from Switzerland. We have a 1-2-5 franken coins and the bills are 10-20-50-100-200-1000 franken. They all circulate and the 200 is very wildly used. I guess the Swiss don't find the number 2 odd or evil. I always thing of the yen as a powerful currency, why do you need so many thousands before you talk about real money? It makes me think of the old Italian lira.
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... 2008/3/8 19:49
The only reason why the 2000 yen is not used is because it only exists in extremely small numbers. If it were as common as the 1000 yen note, the 2000 yen would surely become as popular as the 1000 yen over time.
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happy note loved by all 2008/3/8 20:23
Swissboy, I'm not sure how you got the impression that 2000 yen notes are "not liked" or moreover that it is "evil".

If you read the thread carefully, it is quite obvious that these notes are in fact "loved" and was made as a celebration (for the year 2000). Here's another thread to back it up.
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no chance of circulation 2009/6/24 16:46
The often-heard argument that it failed to circulate because it is not accepted by vending machines is a red herring because putting currency into machines is tantamount to taking it _out_ of circulation -- when the problem is to get the 2,000 yen bill _into_ circulation. Currency goes into circulation in two ways:

As the general public gets it from banks. At Japanese banks, the demand is almost exclusively for 10,000 yen notes. So stocking ATMs with 2,000 yen notes would be pointless.

As shops get change from banks. Shops have found little or no need to ask for the 2,000 yen bill as the 1,000 yen notes suffice.

In fact, it is very difficult in general to introduce intermediate denominations (2, 20, 200 of a currency). The United States failed with the $ 2 bill because, as in the Japanese case, there was little demand for it. Neither has the new British GBP2 coin fared well.
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hundreds of yen 2009/6/24 22:20
It was a while ago, but just in case Swissboy ever checks back, one yen used to be of a similar value to a dollar, pound, franc etc. and was divided into 100 sen, but it was drastically devalued during and after WW2, so now we have the situation where 100 yen is closer to a dollar. It doesn't do the yen any harm though, since Japan's economy is the second largest.

Also, assuming that the 2,000 yen note is unpopular because the number 2 is considered "evil" is quite a leap, and not true at all.
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. 2009/6/24 22:36
I live in Okinawa, and I would say that even here, where the 2000yen note is allegedly most popular, its not very common to see one. I get given them at the bank on occasion but rarely are they given as change at a shop. I think I got like 5 once out of a ATM, that was a suprise!

I really like the 2000yen note, very convienent amount IMO, pity it never took off.
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... 2009/7/10 16:26
In a one-year period I only saw two... and my friends kept them : )
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. 2009/7/10 16:36
In fact, it is very difficult in general to introduce intermediate denominations (2, 20, 200 of a currency).

True maybe for 2 o 200, but 20 is very useful (5x20=100) the 20 is used widely in the USA. As for the 2 in the USA there's a "perception" that it is a rare bill so not many people use it or keep it, but in reality, it is readily available if you request or ask one at a bank.

2000 yen note isn't as rare as you can request one or order one (I guess) but people just don't use it as much, however my friend gets it from his bank and enjoys using it all the time at shops. The other day he pulled one out, and I was thinking "hmm what's that, a 2000yen note", I think he enjoys using it.
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weird 2009/7/11 20:28
I've lived here for a year and a half and haven't seen a 2000yen note yet, not in Aomori nor Tokyo. Maybe it's more popular in Kansai than Kanto?
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. 2009/7/11 23:33
If you go to your bank and request one they can order it or have it in stock for ya.

My friend is in Tokyo and he has them.
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