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Buying Camera in Tokyo 2006/7/9 02:35
I am planning to goto Tokyo in Sept. I have been reading the forum about checking out the shops to look at via PhotoJapan & Kakaku. Sounds like Akibara is a great place to shop for camera. Does the smaller shops have points system like Bic-Camera/Yodobashi? Are there any charges with purchase with Credit card? Do most shops accept credit card? Does anyone know if Canon Japan provide international warranty for digital SLRs?
by ctl  

Cameras 2006/7/9 09:43

If you want a camera with English-language manuals and warranty, it might be better to go to the Laox Duty Free shop in Akihabara. They have a much smaller range than the other shops though.
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Cameras 2006/7/12 01:55
Thanks Dave.
Not fussed about the manual cos downloadable from the websites. But I will have to ask them about warranty - hopefully they speak English.

Do you know whether they charge for Credit card usage?
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Credit Card 2006/7/14 19:47
All the stores I went to didn't charge extra for using CC. What they do is, if they offer 'points' they only give you 2% instead of the 5% you would normally get if you paid cash.

If you go to the larger camera stores (bic camera, yodobashi, etc) they will have photocopied english manuals. If its a popular model from canon and nikon, etc you would most likely be able to download the PDF version of the manual online.
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Warranty 2006/7/14 19:50
It says on my Canon 800IS in BOLD letters that it will not be covered outside of Japan. And from what I've read this is true for Canon's range of DSLR's and lenses. But if you ask nicely most Canon repair centres will honor the Japanese warranty, but don't expect them to.
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... 2006/7/15 04:31
Imho it has no use to buy a digicam in Japan (if you're a foreigner on a holiday). Most of the times the same digicam is much cheaper in your own country, and also things like warranty, manuals and power-adapter are things to keep in mind. for example, in my country a Canon S3IS costs about Euro 320 (!) while in Japan it's almost Euro 400...
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... 2006/7/15 08:54
Most of the times the same digicam is much cheaper in your own country

Depending on the country, cameras can be cheaper, about the same or more expensive than in Japan. But new models are often available in Japan before they are available in other countries. In some cases, I observed the "delay" to be several months.

Also, I am not sure where you saw the 400 Euro. Bic Camera sells the S3IS for around 350 Euro with a 24% point bonus, which translates in an effective price of less than 300 Euro, although I understand that foreign tourists cannot usually profit from the point systems.
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Camera shopping 2006/7/23 10:21
Thanks guys for all the input. It is definitely cheaper to buy a camera in Japan compared to Australia. I was also told that the points system is also now available to foreign visitors, U can choose the tax back for 5% or the 10-20% for points system.

As for manual I am not fussed, can get it off the Canon website. Its more of the warranty for body - which from what I gather is only local warranty but lens is international. Not sure about how the adapter for the charger will be either, I understand Japan uses the round pin system, hope the package provides interchageable heads for the adapter.

Anyone got good recommendations for shops they been too? Other than Bic, Yodobashi.
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Food for thought 2006/7/24 18:10
Japan uses the twin pin electric plugs. Like the US, but without the earth plug. Kinda looks like this: =.

If you go to the larger camera shops like yodobashi and bic camera they might be able to help you with Australian plugs. Most DSLRs (i assume thats what you're getting when you talk about lenses) come with multi voltage (110-220V) chargers and all you need is buy a 'figure 8' power cable when get back to Australia (costs about AU$5). I would suggest getting new cable instead of an apater where-ever possible. Much neater and safer.

If you really want to get a bargin look for 'Map Camera' in Shinjuku. They sell 2nd hand cameras. Some of them are in really good condition. Just make sure you know what you're buying first though. Test out the cameras thoroughly.

And always check the price of the camera in Australia first. The prices of DSLR's aren't that much better in Japan since the tax is only 5%. I would suggest paying the little extra and buying the camera in Australia GST free and getting Australian warranty. And most lenses are WAY cheaper on ebay too. Like you said, warranty on lenses are mostly international.
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Kakaku 2006/8/20 21:49
If you look in Kakaku, you can find the Canon S3IS for about 290Euro, including 5% tax, or 277 without.

This is a bit cheaper than BIC or Yodobashi, even with the point card.
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s 2006/8/22 09:32
If you are from the US, just buy it in the US, because to my amazement, I found the same cameras to be more expensive in Japan then compared to the US, even though they were made in Japan...go figure.
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. 2006/8/22 11:30
You can find the cameras or many Japanese electronic items to be less expensive in Hong Kong in fact, that is what some Asian friends tell me and I have verified. In Hong Kong, they have both locally distributed as well as grey imports - the latter still have Japanese and dodgy HK warranty, but are cheaper than buying in Japan. As for Australia - well the difference is mainly just the 10% GST, which if you carry goods back you might have to pay to Custom anyway. I'll rather have local warranty (unless international is included)

Kakaku shows the cheapest shops in Japan, the competition is huge - but don't forget, BANK DEPOSIT fee is high in Japan, LOCAL COURIER fee is high in Japan. In reality the retail price tag might be lower but what you finally pay adds up to be slightly higher than purchasing from the shop almost everytime. I know, coz I've done that Kakaku path before.

And if you're a short term traveller in Japan, the chances of buying off a net site from Kakaku is very low. Its all extensively Japanese and you don't really know where to send it to, or how to pay the bank deposit.

You can get 5% compsumption tax back from some shops in Akihabara, and further negotiate a bit as well like 3-5% as long as you pay cash.

Its fun shopping around though!
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. 2006/8/22 11:33
Forgot to mention.

Some of the shops listed in Kakaku actually has retail front, and a few of them are around the Akihabara region. Some only sell online however.

The cheapest shops are almost always the ones which only sell online, but read my message above. It won't work out cheaper.

So to save money, you find ones which have physical shops, then visit there to purchase it. I guess you pay the train ticket instead of courier fee, but you save the bank fee somehow. Courier fee is higher than train fee most likely anyway!

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retail front 2006/8/22 22:03
I have been to retail shop fronts listed in Kakaku, and they are always cheaper than in Australia, sometimes as much as 40% or more. This is not always the case at Bic or Yodobashi....

I can find the shop fronts in Akihabara, and they can be very cheap.
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Location of shop 2008/3/7 12:26
hi, can someone tell me where this shop is exactly located in Tokyo?


It;s selling the cheapest IXy 910IS (my home country costs $200++ more)

will i be paying the exact same price as quoted on the website when i visit the local store?
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. 2008/3/8 04:57
Here is the map from their web site, you want the first location (the blue dot on the first map):


Here is the location on a google map with English text:


I can't say if the price will be the same at the store. You might want to consider places like Bic Camera, Yodobashi, or Laox. Their price is 29,800 Yen, but there offer tax free shopping, so you'll save 5%.
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PC bomber 2008/3/10 13:08
That price listed at PC Bomber is the price at the shop.

However, today's listing doesn't have PC Bomber on it for the IXY DIGITAL 910 IS !!

For the cheapest price listed, this is one camera where there is not much differnece between places like Bic or Yodobashi.

Be careful with Canon cameras... many have different names in Japan.

On the other hand, if you look at other cameras & brands, there are much bigger savings.
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amazon.co.jp 2008/3/25 02:03
Im actually going Tokyo this coming June and I also looked into buying a camera out there. Im planning to buy the Nikon D300 with a lens and i found its ALOT cheaper to get it off amazon.co.jp. Fortunately my apartment reception are helping me to order it and getting it delivered to my apartment.

I checked on Yodobashi website and amazon is much much cheaper than every japanese website i checked. This is usually the case here in London, UK as well. But sometimes it is actually more expensive to buy in Japan since last year when i was in Tokyo i didnt buy any electronic equipment cause it was practically the same price but luckily i found the D300 on amazon for amazingly cheaper price than here in UK. but depends on your country off course. give amazon.co.jp a try. theres an option to have the website displayed in english.
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Nikon D300 2008/3/25 15:24
to Chino Christomni,
How much is the price of Nikon D300 on Amazon.jp? i'm in the midst of looking for that too when i'm going to japan this june and how much is it that you see on the yodobashi website?
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to lissa 2008/3/25 19:42
on the amazon.co.jp website its roughly 248,000 yen, it keeps going up and down but thats amazon for you. on yodobashi last time i checked it was around 316,000 yen. For me, its cheaper than buying it in my own country which is UK, London, as everyone knows the pound is always expensive.

I actually checked around on pricejapan and kakaku as well and i found some places thats the same price or cheaper than amazon in akihabara! but im wondering if those prices are upto date and how reliable is kakaku.
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