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what does kai mean? 2006/7/13 06:31
a friend of mine is calling his son kai and i was wondering if it means anything in japanese. iv heard it in a few japanese shows and get the impression it means either spirit or some sort of god or something. does it mean anything like this and is it an acceptable name or is it blasphemous?

thanks luke
by Luke  

Hey.... 2006/7/13 21:21
Well Kai is a boys name....

So i'm betting thats what he means by it....

but it also means shellfish, lower rank, meeting/party, and other diff. things.

But i really think out of all of its meanings, that it's just his sons acutal name!?? =D

by Izanami rate this post as useful

... 2006/7/13 22:07
Depending on the kanji that is used, it can mean a whole different things. So you will need to see the kanji to tell the meaning. But if you ask me, for a boy's name that goes (by sound) "Kai," I can only come up with the kanji for "ocean"....
by AK rate this post as useful

Thanks 2006/7/14 01:39
thanks. i was just curious since in a program id seen the gods were referred to as kais (ie north kai etc). just thought id check in case he was making a mistake. i already know a japanese person with the middle name kai but i wanted to be certain. plus it would be cool to find out.
by Luke rate this post as useful

The meaning of Kai 2007/2/1 23:41
My son is called Kai and is one quarter Japanese. Kai means 'the earth' in Japan. It also means 'the sea' in Hawaii. It means 'food or to gather food' in Maori and 'plentiful' in China.
by Anneka rate this post as useful

it can mean.... 2007/2/2 02:17
Ocean, or yes, shellfish or a few other things. Like someone said it depends on the kanji for the word. I like the name Kai and it fits well with my friend named her baby boy Kai and he is two now. Umi and Kai-Sea and Ocean,lol...
by Umi rate this post as useful

sea 2007/2/2 09:36
My friends also named their son Kai, using the kanji meaning "sea". That seems to be the most common one as I doubt anyone is going to use the kanji for shellfish in their son's name...
by Sai rate this post as useful

。。。。。。。 2007/2/2 12:30
The kanji Could be 戒 (i know someone with that name)

by かすが rate this post as useful

fun to ask the parent 2007/2/2 12:52
Luke, if it's about your friend, you should ask the friend directly. It would be fun, and I'm sure the parent would enjoy sharing it with you.

Every Japanese has a reason for naming their child. I have a friend with a son named Kai, and not only did they name him after the ocean, but they had specific reasons for relating the ocean to their child.

On the other hand, I know people who'd simply name their child after their favorite stars. There is a famous movie star by the way whose name is Jo Shishido. His son is also a star whose name is Kai. Jo means "lock" in his case, and Kai means "open" in his case. It was deliberate, they say.
by Uco rate this post as useful

Depends on the Kanji 2007/3/15 06:51
We named our youngest son KAI with the meaning of "SEA/OCEAN". I have been researching the Kanji character since I'm getting it as one of my tattos and have come across "Shell" and both a character for "Sea" and a different one for "Ocean". It all depends on which symbol is being used and how it's used. I ended up picking the symbol for "SEA" since the look & meaning flows with the names of my other two children - Ryu (dragon) and Katana (sword).

by dragonsword rate this post as useful

<3 2007/3/31 12:17
Well, if u havent yet know what the japanese male name Kai mean. The answer is here. Kai means sprit, dragon, ocean or sea. Kai doesnt mean anything in the lower rank or anything. part of Kai can also mean love.
by Sakurako edogawa rate this post as useful

Finnish name too... 2007/4/2 19:33
Name Kai is also male name in Finland and other Scandinavian countries.

by Kai rate this post as useful

Thai meaning 2007/4/25 04:58
"Kai kai kai kai" is used to teach Thai children the tonalities of the language. When each "kai" is pronounced properly it means, "Who sells chicken eggs?"
by maureen rate this post as useful

another one 2007/5/1 06:17
my mom chose it because it is love in swahili

but she liked that it also meant ocean

i'm half black half asian, so this was symbolic
by kai rate this post as useful

Kai means 2008/1/1 16:48
I would know what kai means because that is my middle name. Most of you guys are saying that it's a mans name but I am a woman. And Kai means ocean.
by Cami rate this post as useful

kai 2008/1/1 19:51
Kai is more common as a boy's name but women can have it too. It's one of those neutral names.

Most of the Kais I have come across have umi as their kanji.
by Sira rate this post as useful

I love my Name 2008/4/24 08:38
I have heard a few meanings for my name Kai. I hear that in Dutch it means King. Hawaiian "ocean", in Chreole (the language) it means "house", I believe. In African (not sure which part) it means love/lovable. I also heard that it means "Sun" in chinese or japanese... but I can't say that is really accurate. I have noticed A LOT more people using it, since I was a child. Mostly girls though. I have known a few guys with the name, but only one actually spelled his name as I do.
I am also female!
by Kai (pronounced Kah-ee) rate this post as useful

Kai Means 2008/5/4 20:57
I thought kai means "realease" or "dispell"
by James rate this post as useful

meaning of Kai 2008/7/3 08:19
I am a female, my name is of African origin, meaning lovable. I've heard it means shell in Japanese, chicken in Thai, and in Greek and all the other meanings you've all previously mentioned. Seems to be mainly for boys and a rare name for girls...however, that seems to be changing. I am 33 years old and I'm the oldest Kai I know in my part of the world (Jamaica).
by Kai rate this post as useful

Kai 2008/7/3 09:17
It means various things in Japanese, depending on how it is written. The word "kai" can mean shell, yes, but in names the character for sea is usually used. There are also other possibilities.

Incidentally in Maori and other Pacific languages kai means food.
by Sira rate this post as useful

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