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Are Johnny's idols allowed to.. 2006/9/16 17:53
I was wondering if johnny's idols are allowed to sign autographs, take pictures with fans, etc.
and also, is there a good chance of spotting one of them on the streets. if yes, does anyone know where??
by jennifer  

~ 2006/10/2 22:39
At least Kanjani8 is known for giving autographs and taking pictures with fans to some point.
But I think you should avoid asking them if you recognise some of the boys. Not because you would get in jail or something but it would put up pretty big hysteria if there were teengirls near and you go ask someone like Akanishi Jin for a picture.
So if you want to try, at least do it somewhere were aren't that much people because rampaging fangirls aren't the things idols wants to meet in their free time.

You can meet YamaP and Kame [and Jin since he lives with P...?] in same train at mornings when they goes to work. Don't know the time but if you see YamaP, you know that at least Kame should be somewhere in there too.
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wow 2006/10/4 09:47
you're so well researched!! tell me more!! who is more popular in japan? yamaP, kame, or jin? I like Jin the best!!
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... 2006/10/4 11:36
Kattun is very big and almost phenomenal at the moment so any member from them.

I've heard that Kazuya is sometimes seen at the Starbucks Shibuya buying his favorite latte before heading for the studio...
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~ 2006/10/5 15:14
I think that long time favourite; Akanishi Jin is the most popular out of those three since Kame and YamaP are fairly new "big stars".

But if you want to know generally who's the most popular of JE -boys, let me just say this: usually in different kind of polls Takizawa Hideaki [Takki], Kimura Takuya [Kimutaku] or Jin is voted for first place. Takki and Kimutaku has been celebrity among the people longer than Jin, and their fanbase doesn't have only teenage girls but big pile of older women in it [I don't say that Jin doesn't have them, just not so much as first mentioned has].

But really, I don't know much about things like this so if my facts aren't correct, please do correct them. Those are only things that I've noticed while been in JE -fandom.

I'm not so big Kame or YamaP -fan myself. And Jin is only person from JE that I hate with all of my heart. Mostly interested in Tackey & Tsubasa and KinKi Kids...
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.. 2006/10/8 07:18
ummm why dont you like Jin nina, i heard he's a bit full of himself isnt he...
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<3 2006/10/9 09:18
Jin is also my least fav. out of KAT-TUN just because he does come across as being a bit full of himself, but I don't hate him. I would argue that YamaPi is most popular out of those three (YamaPi, Kame, and Jin) because he has been in Johnny's since he was 11 (If I'm correct) and has had more exposure as well as a much broader publicity (more groups, more acting roles, etc...) ... maybe I'm just biased since YamaPi is my favorite out of the three. ^_^
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~ 2006/10/10 01:07
Okay, maybe I don't exactly hate since 'hate' is pretty strong word. Just dislike to the point that I can't stand seeing him.
Not only like Izzy said; he's little full of himself but I can't melt the way he treated Kame when he debuted with Yamapi.
I can understand that Jin must had been disappointed that he won't be 'virgin' in debuting when KAT-TUN debuts, but to start doing things like Jin did, person has to be handicapped from brains. T-TUN got over because understood that they're all doing work, not just going and doing whatever they wants, but Jin starts acting like child. I don't know most of it but I know that he wanted group to be put in half when dancing so that he doesn't need to be anywhere near Kame. And I've heard that even now when they're so-and-so getting along, he's whining because Kame doesn't spend time with him.
. . . Kame is working. A lot. I was happy to see him month ago in Minna no Terebi [I think] so healthy which means that he's getting back to normal pace soon.
And It's Jin's own fault for not doing anything. There he goes and whines and gets nothing done. And what's with him apologising throught 24H-tv?! Normal people would personally apologise because other will feel _much_ better like that. T______T Kame must had felt horrible for knowing that Jin wouldn't do that unless he got something out of it.
And Jin's fooling around with girls and I'm sure he'll be caught soon if he can't mask himself more well which means it's 'Uchi' again, this time just for Jin.

Erm. I think I explained enough why I don't like Jin. xD
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umm.. 2006/10/10 05:37
just wondering if this is your opinion or the opinion of the japanese population? I thought Jin is popular..o well, anyways, i think it's completely fine that we disagree. dont worry, im not gonna force you to like him :) please tell me more about them, since I don't live in Japan and only see them through tv.
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~ 2006/10/10 13:28
The last message was my opinion of Jin generally. But the truth is that he's popular, whetever I dislike him or not. KAT-TUN and Yamapi is big thing in Japan right now so Jin, Kame and Yamapi is in same lines.

Jin: Doesn't have roles in dramas right now because Johnny's bringing Kame and Yamapi higher.
Kame: Is getting roles and proposals = working his ass off.
Pi: Like Kame, getting roles and proposals, but not that much that he doesn't have any free time.
When Jin's popularity will start going down, he will be put into dramas and such again, because it will be more profitable than let him be in spotlight all the time. I think he has been without dramas more than a year?

Maa, I really don't know much about KAT-TUN. I'm in entertainment business myself so I'm more interested in JE's functionings, when it comes to KAT-TUN and News, than KAT-TUN itself. Like I said, I'm mostly interested in KinKi Kids and Takki & Tsubasa.
But what I know is that it's only the matter of time when Jin will get into problems and then KT-TUN is trying to solve his messes.
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hey nina, again 2006/10/10 16:05
wow you work in the entertainment industry? no wonder you know so much! what do you do?
and also a side question: just wondering if you're japanese or _____?
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~ 2006/10/11 13:30
Err, not like I'm really that "wise". It's just the curiousity of mine to stuff my nose into things I shouldn't.
I'm specialized in advertising and studying producing so it's pretty big chunk of things I'm doing right now.
I'm Finnish. If I were japanese I would be stalking Johnny's Family Club 24/7.
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hmm 2006/10/11 14:24
cool, finnish.. so how long have you lived in japan?
oh yea, i've heard a lot of strict rules regarding johnny's idols, like how they're not supposed to be in relationships, seen publicly with females, earn little money because the jimusho takes all the moeny, etc... i mean..isn't kimura takuya the only one who actually got married? are these things actually true?
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~ 2006/10/11 19:50
I'm not living in Japan at all, though if I play my cards right, I'm moving there for a work in near future.

It's not like they're not supposed to date. It's that they can't just be caught doing it. Johnny can pay tabloids for covering, but damage is still done; there's pictures or someone has seen and fans becomes angry.
Johnny is trying to not let 'Kimutaku' happen again. When he got married 3 fangirls made suicide for it. Can you see why dating is big no for Johnnies? Kitagawa doesn't want to get more bad publicity. And think about Kimutaku's wife. I know that there still are fangirls that are against her = dangerous.
So it's for date-partners best too to not date.

About the money thing... I'm in "normal" kind of work which pays enough for me to live comfortable and always have some money leftovers after important pays. Go to USA and you being known singer in whole country is "dream -like" work which pays more than person should get in a year. Then go to Japan to Johnny's Entertainment. For them to be known in whole Japan is the same "normal" job as I have. Only SMAP and KinKi Kids [if someone knows more of these, please inform] gets big bunch of money [even if they still don't get even nearly that much as U.S. singers does].
Err, I explain it like this: if KAT-TUN and Takki & Tsubasa gets 500$/h from a concert, KinKi Kids gets 600$/h from same thing.
Little unfair? No, it's just their fanbase which is very large, AND. They've been doing the job over 10 years. They gets bonus from that too.
If KAT-TUN and NewS still are on top ~9 years from now, their pay will rise too.

I hope you understand what I'm saying here. My head is aching so I'm not watching how horribly I'm writing.
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.. 2006/10/12 09:42
ok, so you're finnish and you dont live in japan..how did you even find out about johnny's entertainment?
and also..the amount of money idols get is really really sad... they work their asses off day and night, can't hav a social life, or get married...and they get $500 a concert?? (btw, is that for each person or do they split??) im really not liking johnny kitagawa now (i heard he likes molesting boys too), he must be filthy rich.
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~ 2006/10/12 22:57
With my interest in Tackey & Tsubasa came the interest on Johnny's Entertainment.

No, I wasn't saying that's their pay, just a example on their pay differences. Every place has different salaries and even if there's informed every year people's taxes, you can't much tell about it how much they gets.
I can only say that more older and known the Johnny, more is the pay. Of course, most oldest being Kitagawa, he get's almost everything. *grin.*

Ha. Right now in Japan there's rumours of Jin being banned for 3 months. Jimusho haven't yet given their statement how things are going to be.
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~ 2006/10/13 00:36
Never trust what you're told. Just saw some newspapers of it and got to understand that he's not suspended. He has asked vacation by himself, if I understood right. o__O
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... 2006/10/13 08:26
ok do you really think jin would be allowed a vacation even if he asked...its so obvious the jimusho wants to freeze him but had to find an excuse....im having a bad day..
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<3 2006/10/14 11:54
Where did you hear all that stuff about Jin? I've only heard that Jin and Kame were good friends, and Jin has said that Kame was "the most person he cared the most for." I'll have to look around more. I know Jin is capable of playing around with women, (he's utterly sexy), but has he? I've never heard these rumors! and I had thought I was pretty well informed! XP
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I feel sooooooooo old ............ 2006/10/15 23:38
......... I am so old school when it comes to Johnny's. It is V6 and Arashi for me there is no man better than Sho. Been here two years only famous Japanese person I have ever seen was Gorie and it was so fast I did not even have time to realize !!!
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