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Tsukiji's sushi restaurants... 2007/5/26 16:19
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi, I'm going to the Tsukiji Fish Market on Sunday ( I have no choice!). Anyway, I would like to ask if the restaurants there are opened on Sundays. If not, are they any good sushis in the vicinity?

by Sushi Eater  

I'm jealous. 2007/5/28 08:30
I've eaten in two sushi restaurants in Tsukiji. Once in a small place in the outer market that I stumbled across, and once at an amazing place that a local friend took me to. Here's the deal: If you enjoy sushi outside of Japan and go and taste the amazing fresh delicious sushi around the market, you will have a difficult time going back to your hometown sushi. There is no comparison.
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. 2007/5/28 11:52
I agree. I have been a Japanese cuisine lover for almost 2 decades and since I tasted the ones in Japan I have become a difficult Japanese dinner companion (because I will start lamenting on the difference in quality!)

When I went to Tsukiji I tried one popular restaurant (think it's named Daiwa) which is highly recommended by some guide books. The queue is long and mostly made up of tourists. I ordered a set which cost about USD30. It's fabulous. The chef is nice and friendly.
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... 2007/5/28 15:17
Just like the market, restaurants at Tsukiji Market are closed on Sundays.
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Daiwa and Sushi Dai 2007/6/14 09:56
There are around 50+ sushi restaurants located in the vicinity of the fish market.

I ll save you time right now. You want to go to either Daiwa Sushi or Sushi Dai. You can't miss it because they are the only two restaurants with huge lineups in front. Also, they are located in the same side street as each other.

I preferred Sushi Dai, as the Omakase set at Daiwa sushi had less pieces of sushi and I didn't get to choose what I want at the end.
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question for "forgamez" 2007/6/14 21:30

OK Im sold on what you say.

I like the part about choosing what /i want at the end! I always want to do that.

Im staying in Roppongi.

How early do I have to get up and go to Tsukiji to see all the action and not wait to long in line to eat at a great restoraunt ?

Should I take a taxi because the trains dont start untill between 5 and 6 and thats too late?

Or should i head over there after tokyo nightlife at 3:30 AM , to get there early enough?

If the tuna auctions are closed to the public, whats the next best and most interesting thing to see while working up an appetite ?

Thank -you
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Reply 2007/6/15 03:36
I went to Tsukiji twice on my trip, once at 10am and once at 8am. Both times I waited around 30-45 mins.

I don't think you can do anything to avoid the waiting. It just a matter of luck if there are going to be lots of ppl or not.

There are a lot of stalls selling food and culinary related items in the area. There were some deals to be found, if you are interested in culinary things.

Personally, I wouldn't wake up super early to go (ie. 5am). Think of it as a sushi breakfast/brunch. If your body was too tired, I suspect you wouldn't have the same orgasmic experience I felt I had when I ate there.

PS: Most of the restaurants close at around 1-2pm.

Check out this blog (not mine). It was my inspiration when doing research on food in Japan

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. 2007/6/18 11:50
As Uji said, Daiwa and Sushidai are closed on Sundays!
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thanks again 2007/6/18 21:50

by forgamez

thanks... this blog is very informative.

i hope i can take some good food pictures when im there in a few weeks.

so any day but sunday huh?


i'll think about whether im too tired to go at 5 AM... i wont go if im dead tired, because i do want to have a fun experience, and not just shove the food in my gut and shuffle off to the hotel to collapse.

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Tsukiji 2007/6/19 06:11
I heard that the fishmarket is also closed on some wednesdays also.
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No problem 2007/6/20 03:13
No problem. I hope you have a good culinary trip in Japan.

PS. Don't go to the Kaiseki place in that blog. It sucks!
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. 2007/6/20 19:53
By the way, I heard Tsukiji Fish Market is being relocated.

Is this old news to everyone except for me? Haven't had time to verify it.
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Tsukiji 2007/6/20 21:21
Blanc wrote:

By the way, I heard Tsukiji Fish Market is being relocated.
Is this old news to everyone except for me?

It has been on the cards for a couple of years, I think, and they (Tokyo Government vs traders) are still arguing over the details. The plan is for the market to be moved to a modern building on heavily contaminated land in Toyosu, while the current site will be used for the Ishihara Olympics. Tourists and the general public probably won't be allowed in the new market, since they currently do such a good job of getting in the way of daily business and generally annoying the people who work there.
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Tsukiji Fish Market in Japanese? 2007/7/8 14:37
I went to Tokyo and was looking for the Tsukiji Fish Market but no one in that vicinity knew what I was talking about. Is this the gated area as entrance?
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Tsukiji 2007/7/9 08:12
Which station did you get off at? If you got off at Hibiya Line's TSukiji station. it's a longer walk.If you get off at Toei Oedo line's Tsukijishijo station (E18), Tsukiji is right outside the station and if you still can't Tsukiji...then no one can help you.. :) It is literally outside the station.
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tsukiji's sushi restaurant 2007/8/4 07:11
THen, i am to understand that there is no need for me to go at 5 am?

I will not be able to see the tuna auction, then?

I want to make sure the info is correct
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tourists still allowed? 2007/8/4 17:07
I'm confused. I heard that tourists are no longer allowed at the fish market. Or is that just for the auction part?
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eeek blog not in service 2007/8/10 05:37
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tokyofoodtrip.blogspot.com MOVED 2007/8/12 03:14
Actually it's still in service, but it was moved to:

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Tsukiji Market 2009/9/29 00:21
I understand that Tsukiji Market is closed on some Wednesdays but which Wednesdays ??
I planning to go on 25/11 (Wednesday).
Is it open ???
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