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Georgia coffee ship to the states? 2007/8/13 05:47
I was in japan for 5 years and I love to drink the georgia original coffee. You know the one in the brown can and I want to know if anybody knows a website I can buy some cans off from? I really want to buy some but I dont know where. Can anybody help? Thank you
by Jerry G  

... 2007/8/13 14:11
Well, this shop sells UCC canned coffee. You may inquire if they can import Georgia, too.

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Found some... in Pensacola, FL 2007/8/31 10:11
I, too, am in search of some Georgia Coffee - after getting a negative letter back from Coca-Cola on them marketing it in the States... Luckily, I found some Georgia Coffee cans (last night) in Pensacola, FL., of all places, I found Cafe Au Lait and Emerald cans at a tiny Asian store called Bogo Market. I bought the Georgia Cafe Au Lait for $2 and it was great. Been about four years since I had my last Georgia Coffee. You can see if Bogo Market will take orders. Since I just found them I'm not certain if they normally carry (or can get in) the Original... Location / Phone: 2801 N Pace Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32505, (850) 444-7474. They close at 8p CST. Good luck!
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One Possibility 2007/8/31 10:33
There's a store called in Denver called Pacific Mercantile that has a couple of types of Georgia canned coffee, along with a lot of other Japanese products. They have online ordering. Google them for the URL. (I notice that postings with web addresses sometimes get deleted so I won't put the URL here.)
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web adresses 2007/8/31 13:35
Except for obvious self-promotion, please feel free to post web addresses for businesses relevant to the thread; however, personal webpages and email addresses are usually deleted.
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Thanks for Clarifying 2007/8/31 21:14
Thanks for the note, Admin. I have never fully understood the policy, as I have seen posts deleted that didn't seem like ads to me. I guess sometimes it's not easy to draw the line and without monitoring the site will quickly degenerate.
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COFFEE and Goo drinks 2007/10/29 02:48
I live in japan for 2 years and I'm also looking for a way to get Geogia coffe, milk tea and the Goo drinks. Have you had any luck?
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georgias coffe 2007/11/25 12:43
Squidly1 why did coca cola give you a negative feedback about marketing in usa. if anything i think they would do very good in USA with a cheap and powerfull drink if anyone knows how to order georgias in the states please post.
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GEORGIA COFFEE 2008/1/12 02:14
well i dont know if you can read japanese or not but i am currently in japan and this is the website: http://georgia.jp
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l tokyo 2008/5/26 10:45
if anyone lives near los angeles, little tokyo sells georgia coffee. there is a small market in the plaza.
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Website to get georgia coffee 2008/6/11 03:10
Go to www.pacificeastwest.com
and you will find georgia coffee there under drinks. It is about 2.50 a can but it is worth it!
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goergi coffee 2008/7/23 16:20
i babelfished that site long time ago.it says coka cola wont sell over seas to US.this is japanese-only coffee.look for an exporter like mentioned above.pulled the site from off the can while stationed over in Sasebo.

tastes like rinsed trash unless you can find the latte.but like other japanese coffees it will keep you awake.

MOST are VERY bitter.

the emerald and (blue) seem okay as well.forget who make those.might be georgia.
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Got to have!!! 2009/1/12 12:50
How addictive is that coffee??? I too was there for years, and to this day, I dream about that coffee!!! Thanks for the tips!!!!
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Oriental Markets 2009/1/16 11:22
You should be able to purchase in most oriental markets, we have it here in Hubert NC, the orginal is the easiest to keep in stock but a lot more expensive than in Japan. Over $2.
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Georgia Coffee 2009/1/24 22:05
I don't think that you can as the product has ''nicotine'' as an ingredient and therefore the federal government will not ship to the states because of this. Although some places may be able to import through their stores under different names.
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negative on the nicotine 2009/4/21 23:40
georgia coffee does not have nicotine in it, and if you want to order some of it, you can go to the georgia website, and click on the english tab. international shipping may cost a little extra, but you can definately order it. we used to order it and get it shipped to the boat while we were out to sea all of the time. good luck fellow georgia fans...
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where is tab for english on site 2009/5/8 12:48
Hey navy man thomas - where is the English tab on the georgia coffee web site? I tried clicking on almost everything and could not find anything that changed the site over to English. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be great!
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Mitsuwa Stores 2009/5/10 05:07
If you have access to a Mitsuwa Supermarket, you can get just about anything Japanese; it's like walking into a huge supermarket in Japan. I hit the store up to restock on basics as well as get those items not available elsewhere. There's one in New Jersey, Chicago, and 3 in California. The parking lot has nothing but Toyotas. They also have a huge liquor section with those big bottles of sake and shochu if you also miss your karaoke nights. They sell the canned drinks by the case.

They do mail order canned kohi but not the Georgia Original, but that may vary.

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Fond memories of Georgia in Japan 2009/5/18 21:56
Like many of you, I was stationed in Yokosuka 93-95 and got totally hooked on Georgia Coffee in the brown can. That is my fondest memory of Japan. Wish I could get some here. I'm in Orlando (pretty international community) so I'll let you know if I find some. An engineer just brought 4 cans back from Japan, so I'm happy for now. The cans aren't brown though, so I hope it's still as good.
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Georgia Coffee, U. S. Importer 2010/5/7 16:43
Hadson (Toko) Trading Co., Inc.
5718 Flushing Ave.
Maspeth, NY 11378

My favorite is Emerald Mountain Blend. I did have someone sending me the coffee by APO for $10.35 postage a case of 30. Total cost to me was $1.333 a can.
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