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How popuar is Reggae music in Japan ? 2004/3/9 04:41
How popular is reggae music? Does it have a large following in Japan? I know there are several reggae artists who I think are very good that I saw when I visited Japan. People like Moomin, Ryo the Skywalker, Pushim and others. I aslo saw a bit of the culute on the street(people w/dreads, ect.).Who are the best names in Japanese reggae at the present?
by VoodooChylde  

Reggae in Japan 2004/3/24 11:14
I've been trying to find info about Reggea Japansplash concert in the net but didnt find anything specific yet. I wonder if it will take place this year? Does anybody know? And by the way when is the Yokohama reggea splash?
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Reggae Radio Stations in Japan 2004/3/31 13:36
I have a reggae artist that I would like to push in Japan market! can anyone post any reggae station they know of with detail, I can start getting My artist exposure. Please update.
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its big here 2004/4/28 05:14
yeah people really get down to it in japan....almost anywhere you go you can find one bar or club that plays it as far as concerts though not to sure...
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reggae runs japan 2004/4/30 17:16
i just came back from tokyo and okinawa. reggae is so big there... even bigger in yokahama.

i was present for the japan reggae festa in okinawa and Ryo the Skywalker / Fire Ball / Pushim / Minmi / Home Grown are the most popular right now... thier performances are incredible.

hope that helps...
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reggae in japan 2004/6/8 12:08
I just got back from japan putting together the foundation for an upcoming roots reggae tour, it looks good and there's fans, it's just a matter of cost versus profit , expensive country, but lots of potential e-mail hawaiisurfing@yahoo.com, Todd.
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the reggae 2004/7/4 09:07
dancehall Queen of the world is Junko she's Japanese. The perform at sunsplash in Jamaica sometimes. If you go to clubs in Japan have fun but don't pick a fight. Reggae crowds are much tougher than Hip Hop heads over there. Especially in Osaka
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vintage reggae in japan 2004/7/9 03:06

if anybody is interested to get rare vintage records outta the early 80s just let me know :o)
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japanese raggae artist 2004/9/27 05:35
japanese ragae is very famous first you need know mighty crown, ryo the skywalker, mikidozan, keyco, pushim and minmi or the fabulous compliation rock city 1 and 2 check at my forum and website
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I've heard reggae is hot in Japan 2004/10/28 15:25
I have a band called Freedub. We are from Darwin Australia.
I am the only white Australian femail that I know of doing reggae roots understanding. Did the Darwin Festival, broardcasted nationaly. Want to do tour in Japan, when is the Japansplash? any contacts????
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Yes Japanis the Best! 2004/12/1 10:30
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Reggae clubs In Tokyo 2004/12/1 17:00
have been in Tokyo for 3 months now and I am a big fun of reggae are there clubs in Tokyo where i can go and listen to reggae and i mean real roots and culture
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Yokohama Reggae Sai 2004/12/3 07:03
It's become really popular in Japan right now. I live in Hawaii right now, but I visited Yokohama during the summer to go to the Yokohama Reggae Sai, and have to say its pretty hot. Some must-knows are Mighty Crown, Fire Ball, Mighty Jam Rock, Shonannokaze, Pushim, Ryo the Skywalker to name a few. I'd be pretty nice if I would be able to do something there, since I'm a Japanese dancehall reggae singer here in the islands.
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Check this group out 2004/12/7 02:20
kathie and keni inoue recent cd "voyage to paradise" has a great reggae/hawaiian feel to it. living in japan for many years kathie originates from hawaii, so her music roots are authentic
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Jpn Reggae in Carribean 2004/12/15 23:53
I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how popular Japanese reggae is in the Carribean. I mean if Junko is the Japanese dancehall queen of the world then she must be very popular in the carribean. After all, that is where it originated. No offense to anyone but I think that the crown still lies in the carribean since that is still where the world looks to for everything that is reggae, past, present and future.

By the way, I am a big fan of Minmi, but because my Japanese is limited and I live on the east coast of the U.S. I haven't been able to find out much about her. She's got a lot of soul.
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dancehall large in japan! 2004/12/22 15:20
i was in tokyo and club zion is good,in roppongi,and club jamaica right outside of roppongi is good vibes.not much roots though,maybe better luck in osaka or country parts of japan.

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Where are the Reggae Festivals in Japan? 2005/2/1 00:18

My name is Derrick from the UK.

I am the Tour Promoter for the Reggae musician called Mikey Dread.

Please can you advise me of an appropriate website or contacts, who are seeking the best of Roots, Culture and Dub music.

Our Press Kit is online at www.mikeydread.com please refer people/promoters to the page that says: PROMOTERS TOOLKIT

Everything is there: Our Press Kit full version, High resolution digital photos to use, Backline info, stage plot info, Line Input list for sound engineers

We will only take 8 people with us- the band, Mikey Dread and Road Manager.That is it.

Did you hear the song Mikey Dread did with Seal on his new CD; The Best of Seal( www.seal.com)?

The track is called Lips Like Sugar

Please let me know if we can do this and thanks.

Derrick Sterling

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DJ Smooth from Japan 2005/2/24 08:23
People from New York knew him before as DJ NakaSaki... He then changed his name to DJ Smooth. Check out his hot reggae beat called the War instrumental here. http://www.mp3tunes.com/album_details.php?album_id=827
The beat is one of the hottest in reggae right now, it is the same instrumental that Dre did the hit song 'Party all night' on. http://www.mp3tunes.com/album_details.php?album_id=827
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Reggae is Huge in Japan 2005/3/21 13:19
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Its HUUUUUUUUUGE 2005/3/22 02:13

Being a die hard reggae fan, imagine my suprise when i was out shopping in Kyoto only to walk into a shop and hear Beres Hammond booming over the stereo. If this wasnt enough it turned out to be a dub-plate for a japanese sound system.

The scene is big and the fans are a great bunch in general (wish i could say the same about a saturday night at the stratford rex)
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