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Who is your favorite J-Rock Band? 2008/8/10 00:50
Hy Im from Germany and want to know who is your favorite J-Rock Band and why?
Please answer!!!!

Wait for your answers
nyappy Christin

by loveancafe  

GAAAH 2008/8/11 15:24
Do you have msn!?



ANYWAYS, in response... An Cafe is my favourite, followed by Phantasmagoria. Who disbanded. -_-;;
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JAHOO 2008/8/11 17:43
Woho finally an other Cafekko, do you want to mail with me?? Please Please PLease Please Please ...
If you want to do here is my mail: pietzko@googlemail.com

CanLt wait to hear from you

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Visual Kei! o(^_^)o 2008/8/12 04:05
Well, my favorite band is Gazette, followed by alice nine., D'espairsRay, SuG, Versailles, Mix Speaker's,Inc., ayabie and a bunch of other indies. :3 I like Miyavi too.
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JAHOO (again) 2008/8/12 05:04
I love Gazette, too.
And I also like indi-rock more than mayor...
And I had loved SuG sometimes ago,too but I donLt like the new song vivivi and also not
TakeruLs Hair now...

ILm Happy that finnaly someone post some answers

Thank youThank you

Please send more ....
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Hello, Nyappy, Nyappy!^^ 2008/8/14 02:11
Hello Christin-Chan!(^-^)
My favorite Band is An Cafe!
I love them!!!
We must become best friends!!
I love Kanon and Takuya, but I think more Takuya!!

Good Bye!!^^ Nyappy!!!
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one more 2008/8/14 04:32
Im from germany and love j-rock. But I dont know very much bands, sadly.
Whatever, something I know. ;-)
I like ''Asian Kung-Fu Generation'', ''L'Arc~en~Ciel, "The Gazette", ''Kyosuke Himuro'' (pleasing to the ear) and ''Gackto'' (I LOVE his voice! :-) )
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Hy other german J-Rock fan 2008/8/14 05:14
Whoh ILm so happy you all post me an answer ...
Thank You Thank you ...
but please if anyone else like J-rock post your favourite Band, too. ILm Happy for every answer

Bye Christin
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Dir en Grey 2008/8/14 08:20
Dir en Grey is my number one favorite, and hasn't changed in 10 years. I actually got to see them live, and I know you guys in Germany get a lot of J-Rock. You're so lucky. No one comes to Florida!

My second favorite is the Underneath, who used to be Transic Nerve. I adore them. They have a wonderful new sound, and they recently debuted in America (I saw the Debut concert live!) I also saw D'espairs Ray, who are good, and MUCC, who are not so good in my opinion (except for their ending song to Zombie-Loan).

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ILm happy 2008/8/14 17:48
Yahoo ILm so Happy about every answer....

Not that much J-Rock comes to Germany, but yes more than to Florida....ILm Sorry....

MMMHH...ILm kind of afraid of Dir en Grey ...(^_^;)
But I understand what you mean....

Bye Christin

Thanks a lot
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3 2008/8/17 11:08
i like AnCafe, the Gazette,Dir En Grey,MAximum the Hormone,Miyavi,Stance Punks |3

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Way too many 2008/8/17 19:06
After my trip to Tokyo and seeing a few lives I have way too many Indie bands I love, sad to say that some have already disbanded. But some I like are....
Lost Name
DaisyStripper (sound like Janne Da Arc)IMO

Renny Amy
Mix Speakers Inc
Sendai Kamotsu (Nightmare members)

I can go on and on, check out live club AREA in Takadadobaba or the website for an idea of upcoming bands and to find new bands to buy cd's from.
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So many to choose from... 2008/8/20 08:16
I love loooaaaads

but my top would have to be DIR EN GREY all the way!
and also the GazettE, Alice nine, Miyavi (who i have seen live- yayy ^_^), Gackt, SuG etc etc

yeah whats your email we need to chaattt :)
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hanna jane 2008/8/20 15:35
I like those too, fortunatly I live in LA where I have been able to see alot of jrock bands play...MUCC, Dir En Grey, Alice nine., Despairs Ray, Glay, Bz, Puffy, Ore Ska Band... and it goes on, it helps that Yoshiki lives here too.
but if anyone wants to chat about jrock my email is
lowsushi@adelphia.net I have 500 gigs of music and videos in my collection.
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I got one 2008/10/23 10:12
L'Arc~en~Ciel,gotta love their song ''Ready,Steady,Go''!
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the elephant kashimashi 2008/10/24 10:20
elow.. is the band elephant kashimashi considered as a jrock band? if it is, i love their songs! hehehe

i alsio like gackt..
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>.< 2008/10/28 06:55

they are so good... and not so annoying and screachy to the ear
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Gazette and High and Mighty rock 2008/10/28 13:25
Totally has to be the Gazette or High and Mighty color. And does ON/OFF count as a j-rock band cuz they rock too!
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MTH 2008/11/10 20:54
I'm a huge Maximum the Hormone fan.

It was my best musical surprise of the year.
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The GazettE 2008/11/12 12:27
I don't know much about J-Rocks bands, but right now my favorite are the gazette and alice nine.
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