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Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2004/7/4 17:04
The exchange area included a commissary, officer's club, a high school and other services for U.S. military and their families. It no longer exists but I would like to find out where it once was located.
by Ron Scronce  

Yokosuka 2004/7/5 07:29
Are you thinking of Yokosuka naval base, which is 30km form Yokohama??
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Negishi 2004/7/5 17:09
it might be Negishi where you can still find US military housing and related facilities.
It is 10 minute from Yokohama St on Negishi line.
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Negishi 2004/7/6 07:26
Actually, I lived a short distance from the naval base at Negishi, but I didn't think there was a school there.
Anyway, you go to Negishi Station, then catch the bus(number 2???) which goes past Negishi Shinrin Koen (Negishi Forest Park) You get off the bus as soon as it gets to the top of the hill, right next to the Naval Fire Station No.5

Walk along the road to the left (south) which bends around slowly to the right. If you follow it all the way around, you come to the Naval base. I've only been in there once, when there was an open day (it may have been July 4th)
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Mycal Honmoku? 2004/7/6 08:08
The popular shopping mall Mycal Honmoku used to be a huge private residential area for military personels and families. I'm not sure about schools, but they had a club with huge GE fridges for sure. Coincidentally, I found the place ready to be torn down as I was taking a walk in the early 80s. I picked up a plastic flower from the club.

There are many buses going there from either JR Ishikawacho or JR Sakuragicho Stations. Ask for Mycal Honmoku at the Stations. There is also a tourist information booth right outside Sakuragicho.

Did you live there? The remains brought me back memories of the U.S.
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Yokohama Navy Exchange 2004/7/6 09:11
Thanks for the responses. Uco seems to know the answer. The current location of Mycal Honmoku is where it used to be. Guess it was torn down in the late 70s.
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From further research and memory 2004/7/6 11:42
The base closed in 1982. Mycal opened in 1989. When I went, it was probably winter of 1982. There was no gate, and I was able to go inside. Not a single person was seen. Homes had boards nailed, but plants like oleander remained in the yards. The club was empty with just the huge kitchen appliances left behind. I recall it had a sign saying Bayside Club or something, and it seems to be well-known among Japanese musicians of Honmoku.

The entire Honmoku area was under U.S. requisition for a long time. That's why Honmoku is famous for its blues and jazz movement. The Honmoku Jazz Festival is still held annually. Honmoku musicians have a unique character. I like their laid back and friendly intonation when they speak.

The Negishi residency is what is left of the requisition. Other than Mycal, part of it was returned to a shrine, part of it became a park.
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USED TO LIVE THERE 2004/7/15 20:41
UCO and Ron, I lived in both Negishi and the area that was know as Bayview as a kid from late 72 to early 75. The housing area was located at the top of the hill. About seven months ago, I went up to Honmoku. Yes, the area has changed. I did see a sign that indicated that the US may still have some of the property that was Bayview.
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Great to know, Scott 2004/7/15 22:49
And I lived in LA 1969-73 before I moved back to Tokyo.
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I lived there also 2004/7/17 01:20
I was very fortunate to live on a short street on the bluff above the US High School (yes, there were schools) and also above the Navy Exchange and Commissary. This was 1969-1970. There were numerous other shops, including a bowling alley, theater, photo-shop and restaurant. Also many personal services, such as laundry and professional photographer. We still have the photo taken of my wife, our two young daughters and me. It was a wonderful place to live, except for the pollution that was very severe in those times.
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popultion 2004/7/17 08:34
The polution in Japan, or at least in the Kanto Plain was still really harsh when I came back in 1973. It wasn't that bad when I left in Feb 1969.

Today, non-locals don't believe it when I say Japan was so filthy. I mean, it still is, but it was so disgustingly obvious back then.

The Honmoku area was not poluted when I visited it's remains in the 80s, and today, the Negishi residency up on a hill is a very nice grassy place with clean air. Locals envy them especially since a lot of our taxes are being used for it.^_^
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Yokohama NEX 2004/8/18 08:46
Ron -
There is still a small combination Exchange/Comissary at the US Navy housing complex at Negishi. The exchange is in a "Community Center" building, along with a tiny base theater, a good gym, a small BQ and all-hands club, and gas station. The housing development nearby is pretty old and run down, but still occupied (about 200+ units). Complex is located atop the hill near the old Emperor's Racetrack stands and the current Negishi park. Don't know how much longer the US will retain this facility, as the Navy operation in Yokohama is slowly being phased out and those functions (and people) moved elsewhere. Plus the mayor of Yokohama really would like to get that acreage back!
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Visit to Negishi 2004/8/18 10:40
Guess if we want to visit Negishi while still under U.S. control, we need to do so soon. Same goes for Kamiseya, another Naval facility in Kanagawa. Ron
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Bayside Courts 2004/8/27 07:22
When I was working for the Army Audit Agency in Seoul, Korea, in the late 60's early 70's, we used to have our annual audit seminars at the Navy station at Bayside Courts. We stayed at the Silk Hotel which I am sure is long gone and frequented the Zebra Club and the Navy Officer's club which had the greatest meals for next to nothing. There was also a nice PX on that base. I know there were schools because the civilians that were stationed there sent their kids to those schools. That is when a real Kobe Beef dinner was $5. I didn't know the station was gone until I stumbled onto this web page.
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Lived there too 73-75 2004/10/10 02:28
I remember the area well. We lived in base housing at the top of the hill, 345 Bayview Drive if I remember correctly. As a kid I remember the massive stone walls that made up the housing terraces...60 steps from street level to our place. It was also quite a bus ride to get from Bayview to Byrd School in Nagishi heights... down a steep road past the fire station then back up another past the stadium.
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Walking distance from Bayside Cts. 2004/11/19 07:47
I was an Army enlisted, living at Bayside from the middle of 1968 thru 1969.
I worked as a printer at the the USAPPC, not far from Bayside. The PX, back then,
was loaded with products. All kinds of audio & cameras.
There was a swimming pool, for service personnel near the PX. Spent many a lazy day there, when working the late shift, relaxing.
Back then, 100 yen would get you a noodle/chicken dinner plate. The exchange rate was 360 yen to the dollar and the most beautiful Japanese girls would frequent the Zebra Club, a favorite hang-out of military personnel.

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yokohama exchange 2004/12/30 07:39
Hi...just tripped over this thread. Lived in yokohama housing activity 52-54 and attended the high school there. Later lived in Nigishi 64-67. The housing activity is still there in smaller form. Following link has a good history:
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I went to school on the Yokohama base 2005/1/15 05:31
I actually went to elementary school on base there & memories came flooding back (1975)! I remember the big hill (I was in 3rd grade, wow!)My dad was in the Navy & they has an officers club that served the best pizza & chocolate sundaes a kid ever had :) We transferred to Yokosuka after, my dad was stationed on the Midway, where coincedently, it is now a floating museum here in San Diego where I now live. Best yrs of my childhood memories! The Japanese are the best. I am looking for our 1st host family we had there if anyone knows how I might contact them: Katsuji Kosunae or their children Tuneo Kosunae or Yeiko Kosunae. Thanks! ~Shellye
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Yokohama Naval Facility 2005/2/2 01:21
I lived their 61-64. It was formally known as the US Naval Housing Activity, Yokohama. A housing area for US military families (mostly Navy and Army). The Commissary/Exchange/Theatre/Bowling alley were located along Avenue D. Ditto the Junior High and High Schools, the latter named "Nile C. Kinnick High School'...fondly called "YoHi". The area once housed many houndreds of families and stretched from around Avenue D to Sagiyama Ridge. There is info on the web re: this facility, including a webpage for Nilce C. Kinnick alumni.
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Nile C. Kinnick High School 2005/2/2 01:27
Here is the alum web site:
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