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Is Mexican food popular in Japan? 2004/9/6 08:49
Is Mexican food popular in Japan?
by Bartman  

-- 2004/9/6 19:47
You can find mexican restaurants in most big cities, but if youre going to a small town you may check if there are mex restaurants or not.
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Mexican Food 2004/9/7 08:44
Not as popular as the US, in additions, the mexican food you get in Japan are Japanized. You can always try Hard Rock Cafe across Japan. They have decent Mexican food.
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. 2004/9/7 09:58
Hard Rock Cafe serves decent "American style" Mexican food. But it's true. The ones in Mexican restaurants aren't exactly genuinely Mexican either.
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hakuba 2004/9/9 13:33
Hakuba has a Mexian restaraunt not far from Tokyu Hotel which is ran by a Mexican person. They serve all the Japanized foods but also the authentic mexican foods like cattapiler ... and that sort of stuff.
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Mexicanos 2004/9/10 04:34
Mexican food is not rocket science. Cumin and chilli powder are 2 main powdered spices. Marinate your favorite meats with these 2 spices, a dash of salt and pepper and some lime juice! The best way to cook meat Mexican style is grill. If grill is not available just use the pan sears method.

For salsa, combine chopped tomatoes, chopped bell green pepper, tobasco, fresh lime juice, chopped onion and fresh cilantro (asian parsley aka coriander). Don't forget the salt and pepper.

Can't have Mexicano without some hard Mezcal or Tequila drinking. 5 or more shots of that stuff and you are in South of the Border!!!!
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I wish! 2004/9/15 16:34
I am from california, where we eat Mexican food almost every day. But when I lived in Japan, I searched very hard but couldn't find real Mexican food *anywhere*!!! The whole time I was there I wanted to eat burritos SO BAD but the do not exist. I searched in Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Yokohama. I found many restaurants that claimed to be Mexican, but they never served real Mexican food. Maybe you can get Mexican food in Japan, but it's not easy to find!!!
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Burritos 2004/9/16 04:51
I love burritos but not the consequence after consuming it!!!
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Trivia 2004/9/16 08:20
Did you know that you won't find burritoes in Mexico? Burrito is invented by Californians. In Mexico, most people just eat tacos.
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Trivia 2 2004/9/16 08:38
Did you know that tacos in Mexico are very tiny about 4 inches diameter and looks more like our Chinese gyoza?
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The urban legends of burritos and taco 2004/9/16 22:59
Yes, burritos is invented to accomodate the hungry appetite of the Texan ranchers. Miniture taco by Texan standard with pull pork is called carnita. Fish taco is a specialty of San Diego brought back by surfer who travel to baja. If you like the real deal try cow's tongue and lamb's cheek tacos. Just like the way they served it on the street.
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La la Terrace 2004/9/18 06:09
I found a Mexican food restaurant in La la Terrace. They had Mexican Burgers and Mexican Curry.

The mexican burgers were made of meat, lettuce and cheese inside a flour tortilla.
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Huh? 2004/9/18 09:45
What? I didn't know that Mexican curry exist! Must be another Japanese invention.
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Mexican Food 2004/12/1 07:36
you know what, i actually havent been to japan but i doubt it that they have mexican food that is truly mexican. its most likely to be americanized like taco bell. people think taco bell is the real true stuff, the real mexican food us mexicans eat, but its not. just for the people that dont know, go to mexico and eat the food there. then you'll kno for sure!
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Funny read all of this 2004/12/2 03:58
well is kinda strange read mexican food in JAPAN!!!
Im going to JAPAN and wanna eat JAPAN food!!!!

Im from Mexico... and of course the dishes always are NOT the same outside your country, so ya can say that ya maybe EAT stuff that taste LIKE mexican food, or chinese, or japanese, or whatever but ya need to eat it from the source.

But TACO BELL??? is american food no mexican,.
Tacos size:
There are a lot of different taco types, so sizes ingrdients and more, same for the chiles!!!

Its funny write this stuff in here, hehe hope this help someone.

if want a real food ask :) i tell ya how to make it.
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Real Mexicano! 2004/12/3 01:56
The real Mexican food kick a**!!! Barbacoa de Chivo. Carne Asado and Lengua!! Taco Bell and all those Americanized TexMex or CalMex are craps!
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Of course it's popular! 2005/1/12 02:05
Spicy food is more popular in Japan now. Mexican is known to be hot and spicy and great! Might be by American influence a lot of restaurants are american chain restaurants. But there are some restaurants run by Mexicans now, and they are great! It's very hard to find corn for tortillas, green peppers, long grain rice, fresh cheese... so sometimes food is expensive and strange tasting for real mexican food lovers, but hey, we have to realize, we are on the other side of the world!
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Don Jose in Tokyo 2005/1/12 09:11
My sister and I ate at a Don Jose (Chain restaurant in California) while in Tokyo. It wasn't quite the same, but similiar. After eating Japanese food for 2 weeks, it didn't matter. Good luck!
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I am SOOO gonna do it! 2005/1/14 20:58
People of japan! I will open a Mexican/Californian Cafe! I am from LA and I miss my food!!!

I`m tired of waiting I will do it myself! AHHHH!!!
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La Jolla 2005/1/15 04:09
I used to go to La Jolla in Hiroo (Tokyo) where they have tex mex style Mexican food. There were many non-Japanese customers there, and always packed.
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