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LOVE IT 2010/7/12 17:33
I had a Japanese straight perm done last December at the US Air Base in Tokyo (if you're not military or have access to military bases, don't bother trying to go there, you won't get in).

I love it! My hair used to be SUPER curly and thick and dry and now it's soft, straight, shiny, and way more manageable. I highly recommend it. My stylist says it actually restores the health of your hair instead of damaging it because of the intensive conditioning process involved. I'm actually going to get a touch up tomorrow (my hair grows crazy fast). She also recommended I get it done in Japan or in an Asian neighborhood in the US because it'll be cheaper and the person doing it will probably be more experienced. Also, she said her daughter (who is half black) gets them done all the time and they work wonderfully. It takes a long time and it's a little pricey, but I recommend it!

Hopefully this helps!
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Shukumo Kyousei in Osaka 2010/7/15 02:16
I'm going in Japan next week (Osaka) and i would like to have a straightening (the one which last 6 months).

Do you know a salon in Osaka where i can do it ?

On the beginning of this topic i saw their was one, but the post is really old.

Thank you !
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I know well 2011/3/8 18:11
all of you can try 'Shukumo Kyousei' at every salon in Japan.

it takes time but you can keep a straight hair for six months after did it.

I think the price is within 20,000yen (include hair cut)
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Questions... 2011/5/10 02:32
My hair is mixed, black and white textures, so it is kinda poofy/afro-like with springy curls. This stuff sounds like a miracle to me. I've been looking for a treatment that will make my hair pin straight and also healthy-looking like a typical"white girl's" and one that will last. So my questions are...

How would I get rid of the "Japanese Straight Perm" if I wanted my hair curly again at any time?
Will my curls be back to normal?
Will this harm my hair?
Could I style it with a curling iron afterwards?
Would I need to cut my hair at all?

I appreciate any answers to my questions from people who have recieved this treatment.
Thank you very much! :]
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. 2011/5/10 05:45
1. You can't get rid of it. It is just like a perm, so you have to wait for it to grow out.
2. Regrowth of your hair will be back to its normal texture, but the ends will be straight from the perm.
3. In my experience, the straight perm did not do more harm to my hair than regular colouring did. But it is a chemical process so I have to keep the ends trimmed as they are more prone to breaking now.
4. No, once straightened your hair will not hold curl. I have tried to curl my straightened hair with a curling iron and with rollers, but the curls fell out within an hour after doing it.
5. You would not need to cut your hair.

You may want to do some more research on this. From what I have read it is not recommended on afro-style hair because it is more delicate and prone to breaking. The chemicals involved in the relaxing process are quite intense, and then they straighten and set your hair.

(I had mine done in Tokyo in Oct/2010).
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