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Looking Service center for Okwap A236 2007/4/11 15:56
I have Kitty Okwap A236 around 1 year ago, but now it needs service because many buttons don't works. Is any Service Center in USA?
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ringtones 2007/5/13 03:27
ive been having trouble with the ringtones to. my sister wants to have a certain ringtone thats already on the phone. when someone goes to send her a text a japanise voice comes up. if anyone knows how to change this please reply
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A263 Hello Kitty - AU Telstra 2007/7/23 20:54
I have recently purchased the A236 hello kitty phone and after reading all the posts am scared to death. Does someone know how to get MMS to work in Australia with Telstra please? I Would be extremely grateful. Thanks Carol
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okwap A267 2007/10/28 07:53
hi there.. i hope somebody can help me :/
i just purchased an okwap A267 on ebay, it's working and it'S really cute! i love it..
but i can't find a software for it for connecting it with my pc. Is there normaly a 'start' software in the 'handyset' when u gain the handy? Because i haven't got such a software :/
does someone know, where i can get the pc software?
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i885 hello kitty phone 2008/1/3 10:28
does any one know how to get the SMS number back if you accidently deleted it because without it i cat text.
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My okwap a267 doesnt start up any more 2008/1/20 21:06

I didn't use my phone for a while.
Now when I turn it on I get the Okwap logo and then a post in japanese (?) signs and it turns off again. It only does this while being charged and repeats this constantly. when unplugged its completly dead.

I dont know where to turn to..
I bought it in Paris and live in Amsterdam myself.

any one?
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yes i own that phone 2008/4/10 11:07
yes but i have a problem. my phone only for call by number cause all keypad is lock
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Need help i885 2008/5/31 03:44
Does anyone know the brand of the lcd touchscreen that is on the OKWAP i885 hello kitty phone? Mine has a chip in the screen and i am unable to get in touch with OKWAP. The number i call gives me a menu in chinese and the contact us form doesn't accept english.

Can someone please tell me how to get a hold of someone?
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manuals for Hello Kitty phones 2008/8/24 14:41
Hi HK fans out there, I found a website with many manuals for Hello Kitty accessoires and phones. Just check: http://www.chinamanuals.com
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need english manual! 2008/10/7 09:37
hi guyz?does anyone here has the english user manual for C150T hello kitty phone?please help me! thanx!
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OKWAP A236 2009/7/6 02:05
Does Anyone know a site where I can learn to pronounce the Voice Commands for the A236? Ive learnt a couple of them by saying random chinese words and hearing what the phone says back and copying what its said which is ok but there are loads of different commands and it will take forever to find them all!
Help is very much appriciated!
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