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SS payout 2010/2/7 00:47
Don't know if there is a pot of gold after age 67. Cost of living allowance will continue at three or four percent. It gauls me that when I sign up, I cannot earn more than $1400 per month in outside income.
I will probably pull the trigger in July.
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Eric - Social security article 2010/2/7 01:41
There is a good article in Forbes that explains how it all works. See below -

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I cannot earn.. 2010/2/7 05:30
Eric W-2s are not your friend anymore. And no direct deposit on your SS to your bank. Soon they might be able to withdraw from it without your approval.
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Warm day in Yokohama 2010/2/9 23:43

Today's(9th) Yokohama was very warm. The highest temperature was 68F.

I retired from big IT company in 2000.
I succeeded a small company of my uncle's real estate. They are leases of the apartments and the office etc.

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Kaoru 2010/2/10 06:32
hey..thats very warm, I remember that my little apartment had no heat.. we had to get a keroscene heater, and an electric one.
Today is 28F in New Hampshire, and we are expecting some snow.
It was nice that you could remember Eric's birthday, and the nice presento you sent him. Maybe you could get me a nice apartment in Yokohama ? Not too fancy but a view of Fuji-san would be nice.
Have some gyoza for me. My last apartment was 30,000 Y a month..I still have the rental agreement. Mr Manzaka lived on Honmuku, sold me the keroscene also.
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Chilled 2010/2/10 12:48
Our part of Missouri is headed for 68 degrees below what it is in Yokohama.
The Lake of the Ozarks has had more ice this year than I can ever remember. Not quite Minnesota ice; ice fishing, truck driving ice, but solid enough.
My hope is, the cold will knock back our booming population of armadillos. In the last 20 years these creatures have reached past the Missouri River and seem to adapt. They are very destructive yet the Missouri Department of Conservation protects the new arrivals because they "naturally" moved here and because there is no open season on them (reverse logic.)
I have been told that armadillos are "good eating," from a pal in Texas. I assume he's speaking from experience.
Can't imagine armadillo BBQ.
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Richard E. Byrd -Kinnick MIddle School 2010/2/10 14:26
I stumbled across this site today. It is wonderful to see people from all over the world reliving their past from Negishi, Area 1, Area 2, and close surroundings. I used to relive these places in my
mind like a faint dream i could rewind and fast forward to try and remember it all.

Reading these posts today has brought back memories I would have most likely have never recalled without the subtle jarring from this site. I lived in Yokosuka during my 1st Summer in Japan (1975). I have a brother Charlie, 3 years younger than myself, and 2 sisters, Michelle, 2 years older (Mickey), and Georgia May, 4 years older than me. We moved to Negishi in late Summer 1975 and lived on a hill directly adjacent to a cemetary with a tall stone wall behind my house. I attended Richard E. Byrd Elementary School in 2nd and 3rd grade (1975-1977), and then attended Kinnick Middle School for 4th grade in 1977-1978. My sisters Mickey and Georgia went to Kinnick each year we lived there.

I remember Ms. Block! My sister had her as a teacher at Kinnick. I played football for the Patriots, and baseball for the Giants in the YOYAC athletic leagues.

I lived right on Avenue D in Yokohama in Area 2 (East side). My back yard had a fence that backed up to Avenue D. I had a trampoline in back and I used to jump on it for hours admiring all of the 260-280z's driving down the street. I remember the street being lined with Cherry Blossoms and fishing in the pool in Area 1 during I believe the Fall and Winmter (I know that sounds odd).

We use to ride our skateboards down Fire Engine Hill and play in the bamboo forests across the street from my house in area 2 on the hills. I remember playing on the flat roofed utility buildings around the housing area. They were a great place to hide when playing hide and seek.

I remember the small store in Area 2 that they would convert into a sort of North Pole toy store at Christmas, not far from the Italian restaurant ''La Taverneta'' (sp). I still remember how great that pizza tasted.

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fishing 2010/2/11 01:00
Welcome David !!
I ran into a flyer outlining activities for folks in Yokohama.. you are right..they converted the swimming pool into a fish pond for the winter..and back into a swimming pool for the summer. I wonder if they cleaned the pool between activities. This had to be some generals idea..never did it myself..how long were you there ?
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260Zs. 2010/2/11 03:55
Eric, Do you know why the chicken crossed the road? Answer: To show Armadillos that it can be done.

David, welcome to the forum. I bought a used 260Z in 1977 in San Antonio. It was the poor manfs Corvette. It was forest green with a tan leather interior, really sharp. Unfortunately, it spent most of the time in the shop, but when I was able to drive it, it was a magnet for Texas Highway Patrolmen. One night I was kinda racing an Oldsmobile, and it passed me, but the Highway Patrol stopped me. I asked the Patrolman why he stopped me instead of the Olds, and he said, gbecause you are driving the sports car!h
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240 and 260 Z 2010/2/11 07:04
I remember seeing one of the first Datsun 240 Z sports cars in 1970 while going to school at U of Iowa. It was green.
Every 240 I ever saw was green, as if Datsun wanted no debate about BRG being the correct color for sports cars.
I was in love with Jaguar cars at the time, having owned three at that point. When I looked at the Datsun it was obvious they had reinvented the sports car and autos from the UK were doomed.
The 260 was a better car but heavier. It lost some of the lightweight flingyness of the 240 but was better in many ways.
The 280 and later cars were like the Series 3 Jaguar E type; overweight and really more sedan inspired. Almost rediculous.
I never understood why they changed the name from Datsun after establishing it as a trustworthy name. The Datsun 510 was a supurb little sedan.
Even the absolute worst Japanese car (Subaru 360 ?) of the era would trump what British Leyland was building.
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Z'ss 2010/2/11 07:23
I am not your car expert but I believe that the 280 Z's were origionally named the "Fair Lady", this obviously didn't go over with American users and thus the change to a more "muscle" sounding name. This obviously was a Japanese automakers focus group decision, that didn't take the translation into account.. like the chevy Nova, which in spanish reads .. no run..ooops I wonder how many other language/product mistakes there are.
Eric I once got very close to buying a Jaguar Mk V touring car 1950, what a beauty but a mechinical nightmare no doubt. Jags are much better now but better to keep them parked for the winter around here. We love ours !..except for the shop bills. In the 80's I disliked the E types..now I think there very cool..one for sale at a local dealership in mint condition 150 grand.. not this week. Loans anyone ?
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Armadillos - and Camrys - David! 2010/2/11 07:55

As long as we're on the subject of cars - we bought a 2009 Toyota Camry last January, the gas pedal doesn't show any signs of problems, but now we're part of the recall. Should we be nervous about driving it? They say it is possible that it will excellerate suddenly. I'm not sure I could control it with the brakes, having never tried in such high speed conditions. Ron says the chances of trouble are small - what do you think?

Armadillo - having never seen one, I looked it up. Wow! That is one ugly unapplealing animal - looks like a rat, only larger, and with bony shields on its back. And they dig up gardens and build tunnesl and have no predators. I read they're often useful in medical research.

Welcome David. Nice to have you join us!
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Armadillos ect 2010/2/11 11:27
Steffi don't panic but get it fixed when you can, meanwhile remember if it sticks go to N neutral and use the emergengy brake [ clever name].. don't turn off the key as it locks the steering wheel. [cars like to be steered.]

Armadillos are cute..and I think the Armidillo anti-defermation Society will be paying you a visit soon. Anyone love Andrew Zimmer ? Talk about BBQ.. Honduran cheese thats all I will say. I ate stuff in Japan that I didn't know what it was..we had a little rule..if we thought that we would not like it or be biased.. we would have it on its own merits with an open mind and then after we were done would find out what it was. Dolphin thyroid is better than you might think..or perhaps my Japanese friends were jiving us.
Went to a beautiful place by a streem near Tokyo.. each hut was its own private room..with music..just wonderful..they brought a huge platter and you cooked over the indoor hibachi..no lie.. the sparrow was not bad, a little dark meat and not much of it. To this day can't look a sparrow in the eye.
Had food poison once..in the Navy commissary..bad egg salad..bad form for a food inspector, man was I sick..
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Jaguar jag... 2010/2/11 11:29
My Jaguars were, in the following order:

1960 XK 150 S roadster. Very late 150 with the E type 3.8 gold head motor. White when I got it. Painted it tomato red. Twin straight pipes suited me and the electric overdrive allowed five 'ripping canvas' exhaust reports via up and down shifting and flipping the little hi-low switch.

1957 Mk VII sedan. A Canadian-delivered gray car with 4 speed and OD that resembled a tank with a nice interior, including the classic drop down picnic tables in the front seat backs. It had turned up in Iowa City via some wondering student who didn't want it anymore.
The 3.4 motor was a sick dog so I swapped it with an E type 3.8 from a wrecked car. Painted it two-tone light brown/dark brown. The ladies thought it was a Rolls.

1966 E type roadster. Blue with a black conv. top. In 1971 at Iowa, heard about the car, owned by a law student. For sale with a broken motor. I found coolant water in the oil (blown head gasket or overheated.)
I had a local shop mill the head and then changed the oil several times after fitting the head back on. It ran perfectly for four years. Oil pressure gradually declined, however.

1966 E type coupe. White with rust. One of my more stupid decisions. I was going to tear into the body when a buyer came along. Just as well. I had a family at that point and was looking for a recreation vehicle for three...
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Toyota Recall 2010/2/11 12:56
Steffi-san - Park it! My understanding is that if your car accelerates the brakes are not strong enough to slow it down. In the old days the quick solution to a runaway engine was to take it out of gear or turn off the ignition or both. Modern safety interlocks prevent that on some models. If you are going to drive it I would try both of these to see how they work and to practice doing it. Years ago I had an old Chevy that the accelerator linkage used to get stuck on when I floored it too hard and I'd have to turn off the engine, cruise to a stop, open the hood and wiggle the linkage to free it. I finally got tired of doing that and sprayed the area where the linkage connected to the carburetor with WD40 and never had the problem again. My Barbara has a 2000 Camry that we love that is still in mint condition and is too old to have the problem if you can believe Toyota.
Her Camry and my Geo Metro are buried under a couple feet of snow right now. The DC area is shut down in the only blizzard we've ever had here to my knowledge.
I'm hoping we won't have any squirrels next year. Armadillos can't be any worse than squirrels although I've never had to deal with armadillos other than seeing them flattened out on the road.
Welcome David.
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Steffi 2010/2/12 00:52
After hearing Daves analyisis I have to agree. Especially where you live you can get public transportation, and might have a second car. If It were me I would have to drive because we are without any public transportation, including taxis. So its relative. See what your dealer says is the wait time ect. In some cases you just might have to drive.
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Camry 2010/2/12 01:06
Some friends of mine bought a new Camry the very day that the recall was announced. I advised them to take it back immediately, but they didnft, it seems that they like the heated seats. On the bright side--when the accelerator sticks and they are crashing through the front of a grocery store, their butts will be warm!

Steffi, I heard that it takes a couple of years for the accelerator problem to surface.
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Toyota can recover 2010/2/12 01:42
I read that a recent poll shows 59 percent of Americans still have a high opinion of Toyota cars and trucks.
Fewer than 19 percent of Americans have a high opinion of members of the congress in Washington.
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19% 2010/2/12 04:41
That high !? I'm betting on another snowstorm..I'll bet one quart of armidillo chowder..against an E Jag..
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Toyota Accelerator Pedal Problems 2010/2/12 05:05
What To Do If You Experience Problems With Your Accelerator Pedal

What if you experience a sticking accelerator pedal while driving? Each circumstance may vary, and drivers must use their best judgment, but Toyota recommends taking one of the following actions:

If you need to stop immediately, the vehicle can be controlled by stepping on the brake pedal with both feet using firm and steady pressure. Do not pump the brake pedal as it will deplete the vacuum utilized for the power brake assist.

Shift the transmission gear selector to the Neutral (N) position and use the brakes to make a controlled stop at the side of the road and turn off the engine.

If unable to put the vehicle in Neutral, turn the engine OFF. This will not cause loss of steering or braking control, but the power assist to these systems will be lost.

If the vehicle is equipped with an Engine Start/Stop button, firmly and steadily push the button for at least three seconds to turn off the engine. Do NOT tap the Engine Start/Stop button.

If the vehicle is equipped with a conventional key-ignition, turn the ignition key to the ACC position to turn off the engine. Do NOT remove the key from the ignition as this will lock the steering wheel.

The above steps were provided by Toyota.
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