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Genocide Aside 2010/3/24 09:48
Too often we judge people of the past by todayfs standards. At the time of the founding of our Republic, both Native Americans and Colonists lived a hand-to-mouth existence, and were in a life and death struggle for the worldfs resources. Europeans subjugated the North American indigenous peoples and called it gManifest Destiny.h Today some of their beneficiaries call it genocide. When the majority of Americans no longer believe in Manifest Destiny it will be the end of our Republic.
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To All 2010/3/24 13:40
I'm still in the process of reading the posts as I just found the site a few days ago.

I lived in Negishi Hts. 550A from 1974-1981. Went to KMS then YoHi in Yokosuka. I graduated as a junior in 1981.

I will finish reading all the threads and if you folks have any interest, I will fire up word and relay all my thoughts and memories. It could be a long post, since I have been going through your's, checking out the YoHi site, and hitting google earth for a tour so many things have been coming back.

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Welcome Dan 2010/3/24 22:53
This thread has gone into many different directions, but has always come back home.
I for one are anxious to hear your observations. I find it interesting that there are a "core" of users and then those that jump in then are never heard from again. Some of which we hoped would not go away.
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Yokosuka Pictures 2010/3/25 06:29
Welcome Don Shreve - I'm looking forward to reading your " thoughts and memories." We have a variety of posters who have viewed Yokohama through different perspectives at different times during roughly the past half century. Although our experiences are different we seem to be united in the belief that living in Yokohama was one of the greatest experiences in our lives.
I just found a bunch of old Yokosuka pictures. Enjoy!
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Hello Dan 2010/3/26 14:16
We were "neighbors" in Negishi! My husband and I lived at 711B from May of 1980 thru March of 1982. (Husband was on USS Midway).
Welcome to this forum.
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ABBY reaches Cape Horn 2010/3/30 02:14
Tomorrow or the next day Abby Sunderland, the 16 year olds sailor is due to reach Cape Horn. She is doing pretty well, and the boat is holding up, you might want to check it out.
Now is the time to pray, if you were inclined. Lets hope that she has a few days of good weather in this very dangerious place to make it to the Atlantic.
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Abby update 2010/3/31 05:25
Not quite there yet. After some searching I found the weather and marine conditions there.
Winds West North West at 15..thats good
Temperature 45 degrees F..not too bad
Seas 26 feet..thats bad especially that there is no rolling waves its like a washingmachine, comming from everywhere. In a 40 foot boat thats half the boat length. At 56 degrees so lat, the ocean just rolls around the globe unbroken by land.
My guess is that she is about 50 miles out.
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Abby rounded Cape Horn today 2010/4/1 14:14
Peter-san - I hope you are not getting flooded out.
Abby is past Cape Horn. http://soloround.blogspot.com/
Jessica is nearing Australia. http://www.jessicawatson.com.au/_blog/Official_Jessica_Watson_Blog/
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Boots and Pumps 2010/4/3 03:21
Thanks Dave..pretty wet here..[understatement]..several very long days..manning the pumps.no damage..snow is all gone. Warmer today 60 yea !!
Following Abby..will continue to do so.
Happy Passover to our Jewish friends.
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Spring - and Happy Easter, everybody. 2010/4/3 13:33
Happy Easter, everybody! Hope everyone is well.

Here in NYC it's definitely now spring. The, grass is green once again, and the Japanese cherry blossom trees in all shades of pink and some white are almost in full blossom along the Hudson River as you drive past Riverside Park. Up here in Riverdale, the forsithia's in full bloom, tulips and crocuses and other little bulbs are blooming, and there are even some magnolia trees with flowers. It is lovely!

I've been following Abby Sunderland as well - amazing girl. On her blog, you can see her progress, and even listen to some videos of interviews she did before embarking on her adventure. She's a bright, serious, well-spoken and mature girl - will do well in life, I think. I wish her luck with the rest of her trip, which is not easy, even if she did get past the Horne -lots of challenges ahead.
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More - on Letterman 2010/4/9 12:23
I know you're probably all tired of hearing about the Toyota fiasco - but here is Mr. Toyoda, on the Letterman show, in case you missed him -

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Letterman & Toyoda 2010/4/13 16:20
Hi Steffi,
Not really Mr. Toyoda and not PC but I enjoyed it.
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You asked for it..you got it.. 2010/4/13 22:17
I love this deadpan stuff..his I even picked up a new word or two..not sure.
I am following the mini series "The Pacific"
which seems to be accurate to the events and conditions, especially the psychological ones. I think it is well done but not for the faint of heart. Other comments ?
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Joke 2010/4/14 01:48
Of course we're all aware that this was a Japanese-American actor, playing Mr. Toyoda, doing a made-up apology on the Letterman show. I just thought it was amusing.

Peter - is your series about Japan, or the east in general? History channel?
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The Pacific 2010/4/14 04:44
It is a 10 part mini series on HBO and is about three marines in the 1st marine division during the "island hoping campaign.
So far they have shown Gudalcanal New briton and Pielu, with one part on a leave in Australia. There is no special section or part about Japan proper during the war, just Japanese soldiers, and nothing personal about them as otherwise was seen in the film " Letters from Iwo Jima"..Steffi, no offence, this is not for you, the battle scenes are very brutal. But for what it is it is well done..so far, I am mixed in my appreciation of it. As a "period peice" they have done a good technical job. I can give them credit for that. It is not a glorification of war movie.
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Japanese Wrestling 2010/4/16 15:31
Check this out. It's not like the Sumo Wrestling I remember.
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Sumo 2010/4/17 00:35
This man was a popular Sumo wrestler when I lived in Japan:

June 6th, 2009

Jesse Takamiyama Retires from Sumo

TOKYO \ Hawaiian wrestler and trainer Jesse Takamiyama retired from sumo wrestling on Saturday after a 45-year career in Japanfs ancient sport.

Takamiyama, also known as Jesse Kuhaulua, became the first foreign-born wrestler to win the top division championship in 1972. He was also the first foreign-born wrestler to take charge of a training stable, having been head coach of the Azumazeki stable he founded in 1986.

gToday, Ifm filled with both happiness and sadness,h said Takamiyama, displaying a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama during a news conference in Tokyo. gIfm sad to be leaving sumo but thrilled to get this letter from the President.h

Takamiyama made his professional debut in March 1964 and quickly moved up the ranks. His highest rank was sekiwake, which is the third highest in the elite division behind yokozuna and ozeki.

His exceptionally long top division career from 1968 to 1984 paved the way for other Hawaiians such as grand champion Akebono and ozeki Konishiki.

Takamiyama, who turns 65 on June 16, took Japanese citizenship in 1980 and opened his own training stable, becoming the first and so far only foreign born former wrestler to do so.

Under Takamiyamafs tutelage, Akebono became the stablefs first wrestler in 1990 and the first foreign born grand champion in 1993.
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Brought back so many memories... 2010/4/17 04:34
I was born and raised in Japan (1969-1978) then moved to Hawaii. My father worked for the Military Sealift Command (MSC) and my mother was Japanese. We lived in Isogo-ku and I went the Lighthouse Nursery School and St. Maurs International School when it was still an all-girls school. I heard from relatives that the PX and Commissary closed in the early 1980s. I remember swimming in the big pool (in the area across from the PX, I think?) and fondly remember eating at the snack bar and going to the post office (behind the snack bar?) I wish I could remember more things...haven't been back to Japan since we left in 1978.
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Welcome ! 2010/4/17 05:11
Welcome Nozomi.
Yes; the big Olympic pool was in Area 1. Area 2 housing was on the same side of Ave. D as the PX complex.
The Japan Guide has become a walk down memory lane for many ex-Yokohama residents. Some were there in the 50s, like me, and others after that.
Your recollections are welcome.
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Nozomi 2010/4/17 23:29
Welcome !!
My ex wife taught at the Lighthouse school in 1968-9 her name was Mary Ann Saunders. We lived on Medori Gaoka, Naka Ku. I hope you can share your memories with us..hint..
we have been joined by some others over the years who try and read all of the posts..and we have never heard from them again..I think there still reading ..so you may wish to try and avoid the thousands of entries..unless you have more time than Dave-san.. that comes up with the very strangest stuff I have ever seen ..Makes Jon Binet Ramsey seem normal...my wife caught me looking at the videp clip and walked by saying..your sick..
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