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Re: Peter Berton 2010/5/8 15:16
Wow, Steffi, you must have been deeply affected by the experience of speaking with Peter Berton. Your story made chills go down my spine! Isn't the world a wonderful, sometimes very small world?! Peter, are you inspired to write another haiku?
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Todays Haiku 2010/5/8 23:20
Inspired by Steffis contacts ..and anything for you Barbara..

Ghosts of people past..
and memories from people now
how we miss..
our mothers...
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Yokohama 2010/5/9 23:53
Hello, all;

This google is pix of Yokohama. Please try.

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Thank you, Kaoru 2010/5/10 02:50
The pictures are interesting to see, even though I don't always know what I'm looking at - some old mixed in with the new. I always appreciate the resources Dave-san, and Kaoru-san and everyone give us - thank you.

Peter is a poet, and doesn't know it!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there! Have a lovely day.
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Steffi-san 2010/5/10 08:07
My pleasure,

Happy Mother's day. I presented to mom bougainvillaea. She was very pleased it.

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Jessicas arrival 2010/5/13 23:41
Jessica Watson is due to arrive in Sidney Harbor tomorrow at 11 am. I do not know if this is Australian time or another. Looks like a huge reception. I hope we get a little of it in the states here.
And thanks to Kaoru for all of the pictures old and new, I love navagating a site in kanji, while I am not good at it.
Thanks also to Dave-san for clewing us in on Jessica. Well..that about coveres all of my thank yous' for the moment.
No word from Mr Lamont yet.
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Jessica Watson Update 2010/5/15 01:19
15-May-2010 2:11 AM AEST
Jessicafs historic solo around-the-world sailing trip is now just hours from completion with the talented teenager less than 40 nautical miles from home. Tens of thousands of well-wishers and fans including a host of VIPs, are expected to line Sydney Harbour this morning to greet the 16-year-old who has spent the last seven months at sea.
Current time in Sydney
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Current time in Sydney 2010/5/15 01:29
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Time 2010/5/15 05:28
This seems to translate into about 9 PM
Eastern Standard time US. Today, friday.
Try also the Sidney Morning Herald.
Thanks Dave-dan
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Need Feed 2010/5/15 08:31
This is probably too late but can you find me a live feed from Sidney ?
I have been trying but can't seem to find one. Will no boubt have to settle on a re-run.
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Homecoming 2010/5/15 10:30
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She Made it !! Incredable !! 2010/5/15 11:19
Thanks Dave-san for trying..I was able to catch some videos showing her with the Sidney opera House in the background. Yours shows the final day at sea. With reefed storm jib and 9 foot seas, I don't think I would be that happy for one day let alone 7 months, and many swells were three times that size. Why do they call them swells.. they are not swell at all, we should call them awfuls..With all of this intensive sailing she was able to rig up a fuel pump out of a ballast water pump..now that is an accomplishment!! I couldn't do that in a fully equiped boatyard, let alone crashing and banging.. she came in apparently under her own power..Yanmar or not very very impressive. I can't wait for the book..
Jessica Watson..you've got it made !!
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Anyone currently in Negishi Heights? 2010/5/19 16:04
If so, would you be willing to post some pictures of the interior and exterior of your house? I know the style hasn't changed in the last 35 years and that was the last time I was in Yokohama. I'd like to jolt my memory a bit, so if you have any photos, I'd love to see them. Thanks.
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Negishi Heights 2010/5/20 00:06
Hi d5ive,
Welcome to Japan-guide. A bunch of us who used to live in Yokohama at various times have been keeping a running correspondence here. Please tell us about your time in Yokohama.
This may be interesting to you.

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Hi 2010/5/22 06:41

Thanks for the link. It reminded me of the Negishi Heights forum I ran across a couple years ago but forgot. It's probably somewhere on that page.

I actually lived in Area II and the only times I would be in Negishi would be to go to school (Byrd). I hear that the old Byrd was torn down and rebuilt some time in the 80s. That's a shame because I would have liked to visit it when I go back.

I was a kid when I lived there so the memories I have are of those kind.. the cool die-cast toys, perverted anime, weird insects, funny TV shows like Hachijidayo.., typhoon alerts, the curious Japanese students over the hill, and the list goes on.

I also used to live in Kitakurihama and the Yokosuka base on L St. right next to the Sanban Towers. I'm curious to know whatever happened to that giant hole in the rec room of the Towers.

The reason why I'm asking for pictures is because I'd like to use them in a video project I've been working on that shows before and after shots of what the area used to look like. So it doesn't have to be pictures of just Negishi homes (which would probably be the easier photos to acquire) - I would like pictures of just about anything pre-80s.. the shops off-base, flying kites at the Kinnick HS field, shopping at the Exchange, looking onto the field from the top of Fire Engine Hill.. anything. I'm sure everyone here would like to see those too, but there's no harm in asking. :D

And come to think of it, if you have current photos, that would work too.

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Pix from Nakaku 2010/5/22 08:42

Enclosed may be of help. The guys at Mooneyes in Yokohama introduced me.


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Old Yokohama Photos 2010/5/22 08:51
Ivan, if you look back through this forum starting at about page 78 or thereabouts, you'll find links to many photographs of the American presence in old Yokohama. Have you tried that yet?
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Abby 2010/5/22 08:52
Abby Southerland has "finally" left Cape Town
on her journey to circumnavagate the world. My understanding is that she will not stop again until she gets home to California.
Personally, since the non-stop part has now been passed over, I think she should stop in Australia to see Jessica.
Good Luck Abby. This next leg is going to be rough.. Why do I worry about the 10 foot keel that sticks way down there ?
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THE PEANUTS CLUB IN YOKOHAMA IN 1961 2010/5/23 00:44
I was stationed at NAS ATSUGI from 1961 through 1963 and went to the Peanuts Club many times. It was a spectacular night club and meeting place for young people in late teens and for young service men. An elevator with a floor show went up and down four floors. Rock and Roll, Country, Jazz and Japanese popular music. I have several images of the club in my Flickr Photostream. In addition, I have many photos of Yokohama taken in those years, 1961 through 1963. Yokohama will always hold special memories for me. About the Navy Exchange? I bought my PETRI CAMERA from the Navy PX in Yokohama
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1963-66 2010/5/24 05:52
Like so many others, I just stumbled upon this discussion... we lived there from 63-66. I completed Grade 5 in the little buildings right next to Yo-Hi (my sister graduated in '66 and was a cheerleader). Memories include a big park across from the little duplex where we lived and a few yards away was the bay/a big mud flat that we used to throw down firecrackers and watch the mud fly. Also close by (and on the waterfront) was a large hill (at least for a little guy) that had a fence around it and covered in bamboo. I remember playing little league baseball and not winning a game; a typhoon that forced the cancellation of classes and we had to walk home holding hands because the teacher told us we'd be blown away if we didn't.. swimming at the pool... the little shops and bath house near the base... eating dried squid...The Longest Day and Chitty-chitty Bang-Bang at the theater... watching Sadaharu Oh of the Giants play... reruns of Notre Dame football... a 25 hr. flight on a DC-6 from stateside...it was also the first time I ever saw a "Yankee go home" sign. Dad used to manage a club (VFW/Elks/??) after hours- he worked at Atsugi. Lots of other memories to, don't know location of most of them or our addresses where we lived.
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