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Kouru 2010/6/20 02:12
This short story might help you "feel" the "tone" of what I am trying to say.

The old servant came to the Master and said.."Master, I have been in your faithful service for many years. I am now old and tired and want to go to my final rest, but need your permission to go".
The Master looked lovingly on the faithful servant and said.." you have been true to my house for years..You may go now and rest in peace and quiet".
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Haiku 2010/6/20 03:42
Haikei, Peter-Sama

Yokohama today awoke though midnight because it was sultry. You are writing Haiku very ardently. It is wonderful. Haiku is expressed by the word, 5, 7, and 5 characters of Japanese. I think that you learnt it. Most famous Haiku in the Middle Ages is this.

"Furuike ya
Kawazu tobikomu
Mizu no oto" By Bashou Matsuo

The translation:

The old pond
A frog jumps in
The sound of water

Sorry, I might not be able to say it to you well because it is midnight.


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Kaoru 2010/6/20 09:33
Good Morning
Is the last translation OK. Please correct
me as I want to get this correct.
Very little time left.
Please provide your final translation.

Again here it is.

You may now go
in peace
and quiet

Give it your best doryoku do not use "ikite" as this is a shinda no haiku
Waitashi wa arigataku omou
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Haiku, Kigo 2010/6/20 16:38

I think that your Japanese and Haiku is good. And, the "Kigo", season word is often written in Haiku. Please refer to this.


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Kigo 2010/6/20 21:38
I know that my Haiku has no Kigo. I am concerned about that but as time has ended I am going to give it as I wrote it.

Thank you for your yoki suru tetsudau.

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Peter-san 2010/6/20 23:45
Peter-san, you are amazing! Your Japanese is as good as your English, although I often thought your Haiku was lacking Kigo.

Your Tomodachi,

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Yokohama Navy Exchange 2010/6/21 09:21
I lived in Yokohama for 5 years total. First as an Army dependent then as a Navy wife. The Negishi Heights area was on a hill, but there were several housing areas off Yamashita Cho. and Isizaki Cho. There was Nile C Kinnick dependents school k-12 (I think) at the time. The PX, Commissary, snack bar, bowling alley, theater and TNPO, teen club etc...were in one area and about a mile away the OClub and some temporary housing. I think that area was called Bayside. I was back there about 10 years ago, and the whole area seems to have been demolished and a tangle of highway over/under passes built over the main area. Some of the buildings appeared to be still there, but not U.S. military anymore.. Couldn't study it as I was on a bus passing through. Hope this helps... I would be happy to provide any further info you may want..just ask!
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Wally-san 2010/6/21 11:39
My English is as good as my Japanese ...?
Is that a complement ...?

as for Keigo..I understand that you are getting a hot spell..make sure your hydrated adequately..Hmmmm whiskey co-co's !!

Kaoru-san Many thanks for your help reciently, on my poem. I presented it today and think it was warmly received. I hope I was not a Baka mono.

Tomodachis' all
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Haiku, Keigo 2010/6/21 12:33
Peter-san, you are challenging wonderful Japanese culture. Haiku is expressing in Japanese of only 17 characters. It is considerably difficult. My aunt also loves Haiku. She sometimes sends it to me with E-mail.
A Japanese honorific is complex. ''Haikei'' and ''Kiegu'' are written in a formal letter. The meaning understand from the retrieval by computer. You will be able also to write very good Hauiku. Time is necessary for it.

Your Friend,
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Todays Haiku 2010/6/21 20:13

The years longest day
mornings sun through my window
Dust on my table !!

With time,
I will get better..
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Welcome to JG... 2010/6/22 03:06
Hello, CAP949;

Sounds like you were in Yokohama in the late 60s or early 70s. The teen center behind the PX complex was called the Neet Nac Club in my era.
I has just turned 13 and was a new member when we packed up and moved home to the US in 1961.
The place had pool tables and card tables. I thought that was pretty "grown up" at the time.
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My attempt at Haiku 2010/6/22 06:54
A bud on the plant
Is now a beautiful bloom
So sad it will fade
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Hi, everyone 2010/6/22 10:38
I've just worn myself out reading just the last 10 pages, and since I dropped out of sight sometime before that, I don't think I'll go back any further. I'm glad to read that all are well.
Since I'm not a switchboard operator anymore (except for the next few weeks) I don't spend my days in front of a computer so I haven't gotten onto the site. But I'll definitely be checking in while I'm here.
We've been erally, really busy here at the Community recently. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the dedication of our church and it was a huge event. People from all over Europe and the States, fancy meals, special concerts, etc. If you look up Communityofjesus.org or churchofthetransfiguration.org you might be able to see some of it. Especiall the 13 1/2' tall angel that has gone onto the top of the bell tower. It's awesome!
Happy first day of Summer! May it be a better one than last year. Ours was cold and wet except for 2 weeks in August. And this year we had our first genuine Spring in maybe 15 or 20 years. And the Red Sox are doing well.
What more could anyone ask?!
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Lori 2010/6/22 10:55
At last I am not alone in my Haiku attempts.
Very nice..good kigo..

Sister Catherine..Nice to have you back. I guess they have restored electricity to the cape, which is I'm sure the only reason you left us alone for so long.
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Kaoru-san, Peter-san 2010/6/23 07:04
Dew drips from leaves
Sun wakes the flowers
Missouri morning
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Good Haiku 2010/6/23 08:27
Hi, Wally san

Your Haiku is very nice. I think that Haiku write weather, nature, and your image to simply and freely. I can imagine wonderful nature of MO by your Haiku. This is English Haiku that the Japanese wrote.


Arigatou gozaimasu
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Wally's Haiku 2010/6/23 10:18
Wally..Your Haiku is very nice..with good Kigo...
However I am not fooled..I always thought you were a sensitive guy. I don't care what anyone says.

Now I would like hear Dave-sans Haiku. Go for it gunny.
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Kaoru-san 2010/6/24 23:24
I canft do it right now, but before I die I would like to spend a couple years in Japan. Ifve been investigating, and it looks like a nice one bedroom apartment in the Yokohama suburbs would rent for less than $1000 a month, does this sound about right? Donft go to a lot of trouble, but are there any hidden charges for a foreigner renting an apartment in Japan? When I lived there I loved fried rice, and I bet I ate twice my weight in shrimp fried rice. If fried rice is still pretty inexpensive I could live on it! I would want to buy a new car, not used, and would want to ship it back to the states when I left. What is the price of a Toyota Camry in Yokohama? Isnft there a big luxury tax charged on big ticket items like automobiles? Like I said, donft go to a lot of trouble, because it will be years before I can realize my dreams, but if you can easily provide this info, I would appreciate it.

Arigatou gozaimasu

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Cost 2010/6/25 01:51
Konnchiwa, Wally-san

Yes, rents of the newly-built apartment in suburbs of Yokohama might be about 1000 dollars. Because Yamate and the Honmoku area are good residential quarters, the rent is high. The district where I live is Hodogaya. From Honmoku to distance of about 10 miles here. It is almost the same rent as Kishine where you were working. A lot of foreigners live in Yokohama. The condition of the rental of an apartment might be the same as the Japanese. There is a system called (Shikikin) in the real estate industry of Japan. If you do it in the rental, it is necessary to entrust the rent of 2 months to the landlord. When you leave the apartment by the security money as for it, the landlord repays it to you. You can eat fried rice (Chahan) in Chinese restaurant. We also are often eating it. Camry of Toyota is about $21,000. It is a basic model. Camry in which all the options are equipped is $32,000. The estate car and minivans are popular in Japan. The passenger car will be discounted. My relative bought Camry by discounting $4,000. It was Toyota dealer's accounting period. This price is including tax. If you buy this, it is necessary to pay the dealer the overhead. This must refer though this is Japanese.

Loli- san, Your Haiku are also very good. It has "Omomuki".

Minasama Arigatou
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Wally-san in Yokohama - and Sperm Whales 2010/6/25 08:19
Wally - san. It sounds like you have been making some interesting plans. I hope you realize your dream of living in Yokohama once again. I bet all of us think of doing that also.

But - fried rice every day? That doesn't sound like a good basis for keeping you healthy and young.

Talk about healthy - did anyone else notice the story - something else to worry about - - see below.

Sperm whales feeding even in the most remote reaches of Earth's oceans have built up stunningly high levels of toxic and heavy metals, according to American scientists who say the findings spell danger not only for marine life but for the millions of humans who depend on seafood.

A report released Thursday noted high levels of cadmium, aluminum, chromium, lead, silver, mercury and titanium in tissue samples taken by dart gun from nearly 1,000 whales over five years. From polar areas to equatorial waters, the whales ingested pollutants that may have been produced by humans thousands of miles away, the researchers said.

"These contaminants, I think, are threatening the human food supply. They certainly are threatening the whales and the other animals that live in the ocean," said biologist Roger Payne, founder and president of Ocean Alliance, the research and conservation group that produced the report.

"These contaminants, I think, are threatening the human food supply. They certainly are threatening the whales and the other animals that live in the ocean," said biologist Roger Payne, founder and president of Ocean Alliance, the research and conservation group that produced the report.

The researchers found mercury as high as 16 parts per million in the whales. Fish high in mercury such as shark and swordfish the types health experts warn children and pregnant women to avoid typically have levels of about 1 part per million.

The whales studied averaged 2.4 parts of mercury per million, but the report's authors said their internal organs probably had much higher levels than the skin samples contained.

"The entire ocean life is just loaded with a series of contaminants, most of which have been released by human beings," Payne said in an interview on the sidelines of the International Whaling Commission's annual meeting.

Payne said sperm whales, which occupy the top of the food chain, absorb the contaminants and pass them on to the next generation when a female nurses her calf. "What she's actually doing is dumping her lifetime accumulation of that fat-soluble stuff into her baby," he said, and each generation passes on more to the next.

Ultimately, he said, the contaminants could jeopardize seafood, a primary source of animal protein for 1 billion people.

"You could make a fairly tight argument to say that it is the single greatest health threat that has ever faced the human species. I suspect this will shorten lives, if it turns out that this is what's going on," he said.

Payne called his group's $5 million project the most comprehensive report ever done on ocean pollutants.

U.S. Whaling Commissioner Monica Medina informed the 88 member nations of the whaling commission of the report and urged the commission to conduct further research.

The report "is right on target" for raising issues critical to humans as well as whales, Medina told The Associated Press. "We need to know much more about these problems."

Payne, 75, is best known for his 1968 discovery and recordings of songs by humpback whales, and for finding that some whale species can communicate with each other over thousands of miles.......

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