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To Kaoru-san 2010/6/25 09:03
Thank you so very much for the information. Yokohama seems to be affordable for me. I long to roam the winding backstreets of Hakuraku again on a warm sunny afternoon and smell the sweet smells of flowers and savory smells of food cooking, and hear children laughing and wind chimes and music wafting on the breeze; and to venture into the evening when a mist from the harbor spreads its shroud over the land and spills over the hedges and walls, and you can’t see anything except under a street lamp, and your ears are filled with the mysterious sounds of the night. The following is not a Haiku, but maybe a poem nevertheless.

I love the night,
I drink to it and it sometimes tries to drown me,
I make love to it but it is never enough,
In the mornings I can’t remember it,
In the afternoons I can’t forget it,
And in the evenings I look forward to
The night.

Domo arigato
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Yokohama 2010/6/25 12:32
Hello, Wally-san

Thank you for your poetry. I think that you are tired. I feel the aspiration something your poetry. Settling down in Japan has the distance of a lot of money and the languages. Yokohama changed greatly. I think that you should decide your settling down after you visit Japan again. This is my mail ID. I can send you pictures and information of Japan. xxxx@yahoo.co.jp

Lori-san, I made a mistake in your name. I'm sorry.

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Kaoru-san 2010/6/26 00:07
You are right of course, but I am not planning on settling down in Japan. My Army tour in Yokohama was nineteen months, so was thinking of a timeframe of that length, as it didn’t seem long enough to see all the things I wanted to see. Previously, however, most of my time was spent in bars, and I don’t drink alcoholic beverages anymore. Due to family commitments this will be in the distant future. In fact, I may be too old to travel by then. I also know that you can't really go back, as things are never the same. Thanks for being kind and saying that I am “tired,” I’m sure Peter-san has a more colorful word for me.
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Steffi 2010/6/26 00:31
How about if I eat fried rice and drink a can of V8 juice as it contains a daily serving of vegetables? I love fried rice, but you are right I would get tired of it pretty fast if I ate it every meal. I try to fix it myself using Sun-Bird seasoning mix, and it is not bad, but not as good as what I used to get in Japan. Isn’t it sad about our oceans, I don’t know why people think it is okay to dump all their trash in the Seas.
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A fun alternative..!! 2010/6/26 00:37
Wally don't lose your dream.
Hey ! We could all stay at Kaours' place for a year or so..good idea..I could do Haiku and Ikebana and Wally could do...whatever it is that he does..??
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Peter-san 2010/6/26 06:13
Hey, great idea! I’m going to start making plans right now to move in with Kaoru-san.
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Todays haiku 2010/6/26 06:48
He walks the dark streets..
Of a Town once remembered..
The smell of yaki-tori..

Ok Wal..don't get mushy..
but how many Haikus have been written for you !
And no griping about my Kigo or I will Take it back.!
And my idea I get the bedroom overlooking Mt. Fuji..
Do we need Kaoru-sans approval ?..nah...
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Pictures of Yokohama 2010/6/26 10:14
Hello everybody,

Today's Yokohama is cloudy and sultry. Current temperature is about 85F.

These are pictures of recent Yokohama. There is a fire station of US naval forces at Negishi.

The picture of the old shrine enshrines the sea turtle. Because the brush is like the turtle, people are dedicating it.

And, Wiki is an explanation of Japanese's honorifics.



Minasama Ogenkide,
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Honorific speech ect.. 2010/6/26 10:43
I loved the pictures ..did you take them? There is one funny english sign, it is subtle. It says ..it is pun i shible.

As for Japanese honorific speach !! Yikes !! I have enough trouble with english ! This honorific stuff is going to take some study.

Oh..by the way..what do you think of our little proposal ? We hope it meets with your approval.

It is sultry here also. Sultry ?..you looked that up didn't you ?? Only Wally uses terms like sultry, it is very high english. Not used by manuke'-na like me.

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ooops 2010/6/26 11:35
Thats speech not speach. I wanted to correct myself before Wally did. I'll learn me yet.
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Kaoru-san 2010/6/26 11:51
Beautiful pictures of the Yokohama area, most of which I did not know existed. Are they really all in the Yokohama area? Like I said, I should have spent less time in the bars. I wonder what year the European houses were built. When we renovated the Thomas Custer house at Fort Leavenworth, c.1879, it was red brick with wooden trim, and had seven or eight layers of paint on the trim, ranging from brown to gold to green to white. I think the original layer on the house was brown, similar to the color of a couple of the houses in the pictures. So, I’m guessing they’ve kept the historical colors, which indicates they were probably built in the late 1800s. I think I recognize the red brick two-story structure on the corner いかにも横浜らしい意匠の建物ですな。with the newer four story gray-colored addition on top. Isn’t this the municipal building?

Honorific speech! So, when Peter-san talks to me he should speak in sonkeigo?

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Pictures 2010/6/26 14:14
I am not taking these pictures. It is a free site link. Yes, these are all pictures of Yokohama. Yamate St. lived trading merchant people of Europe and US since 19th century. They built the house at the Yamate area.

The honorific expression is not said to the close pal. It is said to the people who senior or position is higher than you. Therefore, I think that Wally san need not say the honorific expression and the honorific to Peter san. ( Is this English right? )

The honorific expression was originally said by the rank of Samurai. The age of Samurai was feudalism.
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Honorriffic 2010/6/26 22:12
Your english is very good. The sentence was constructed properly.
However I must speak with horroffic speech to Wally-san who is higher than I am.
In the 1960's I was definately "higher" than Wally-san, but not now.
As for feudal system. Men who are married know all about the feudal system. ne ? haha
this a joke.
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Peter-san 2010/6/29 22:33
It depends on what the definition of “high” is. Where have I heard that, or something similar to that?
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Wally-san 2010/6/30 02:13
Oh you kid..I think you know what I mean..
common baby light my fire..
For Kaoru-san..this is an english "play on words"..two meanings..
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Bali Ha'i 2010/7/1 03:31
Wow, the weather is really great here today! It is warm but with a nice breeze. It is like being on a tropical island, except there is no sugar white sand beaches, no emerald green ocean, no palm trees, no grass shacks, no beautiful scantily clad native girls, no dolphins swimming in the bay, no brightly colored birds and flowers, no tropical fruit trees, and no volcano spewing smoke on the horizon; otherwise, it’s just like being on a tropical island.
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Yokohama Navy exchenge 2010/7/1 05:42
Peter and Wally-san

This is early morning of Thursday. Today's Yokohama is cool. The air conditioner is not necessary. The Kyushu area is raining heavily. Yokohama rains little than the average year. The Meteorological Agency says that this year is a cold summer.

Wally san live in MO now? I enjoyed the travel of North America in 2002. I did not have time to go to MO.It is regrettable.
I was a visit to the main sightseeing spot of US and Canada in 20 days. I arrived at NYC first. It was very hot in NYC though it was May.

Flight is 16 hours from Japan to NYC. At that time, I was still smoking. I suffered from the dependence for nicotine. Because I was 50 years old at BD last year, cigarette was stopped. I often smoked King Edward. It is my dad's favorite cigar.

I recalled there because saw the picture of the Zebra club. I went in it at grade-schooler's kid. It thinks near Hotel New Grand of Yamashita-chou. It is only little memory. Is my memory correct?

Wally-san, Do you remember disco said "Lindy" to Honmoku? It was closed by 1980S. Then, wife and I often enjoyed dance. A lot of guests of the American were there, too.

I'm sorry in tedious post.
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For Wally 2010/7/2 00:38
.......can't have it all, I guess. Be thankful for the pleasant weather. It is a blessing.
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Western Washington Haiku 2010/7/2 00:43
Summer rain now falls
Retains our emerald green
Hope for less rain soon
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Hi everyone 2010/7/2 22:42
Lori san Nice Haiku..good Kigo..you should be getting a good crop of mushrooms out of it.
Kaour-san..we will be soon celebrating the 4th of July..do you know this festival ?
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