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The Production 2010/8/2 05:58
Eric-san, brilliant casting decision! You must cast the rest of the group now. I recommend Angelina Jolie to play Steffi-san. Peter-san should be the head writer.
Steffi-san, I will play the police inspector from Negishi Heights who knows Peter-san was rounded up along with the usual suspects and is probably innocent but doesn't care.
I will expand more later on how the Navy Exchange still exists underground where it can be entered through a secret entrance in what was once the grease pit of the exchange gas station guarded by a large white rabbit named Harvey.
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the grease pit 2010/8/2 06:51
I think I've told the story of the fire station grease pit a couple of times on this board.
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Proposed movie 2010/8/2 14:31
Wow, what active imaginations on this Yokohama forum -- first time I've ever been mentioned for even the smallest walk-on role in a movie -- thanks, Dave-san -- what a memory you have! Like Steffi, I think Dave-san and Eric might be just what Hollywood needs these days. Maybe Peter or Kaoru have a haiku for this thread of thought and these budding film makers.
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Response to Haiku request 2010/8/2 15:24
Creativity abounds
Brilliant minds unite
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More Haiku 2010/8/3 00:57
Familiar places
A story pieced together
Intertwining lives

Reliving our past
A Yokohama saga
Fond remembrances
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. 2010/8/3 13:46
Nice Haiku
work on your kigo
I do..
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Re: Haiku 2010/8/3 14:49
Lori, I would have mentioned you along with Peter and Kaoru had I known that you too write haiku. I'm impressed with the talent displayed by all of you. Is it as easy to write haiku as you, Peter, and Kaoru make it seem? Any other potential poets out there?
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Haiku Attempt 俳試み 2010/8/3 23:40
Yokohama youth
Good memories
Leaves fall


My translation attempt will probably get a good laugh from who reads Japanese
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Barbara 2010/8/4 01:14
I looked back in the posts and found my other Haiku that I wrote (I think there are only two). They are post #2392 on page 120, and post #2419 on page 121. Haiku does seem to come pretty easily to me. But I think the quality isn't always very good. Maybe I need to put a little more thought into them before I post(?)
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Japanese old folks 2010/8/5 00:31
Here's a curious development from Japan that's gone unreported over here; Japanese old folks are turning up missing.

Last week, when Tokyo officials paid a visit to 111 year old Sogen Kato on "Respect For The Elderly" day, they discovered he had been dead for 30 years.

On a visit to Japan's oldest woman, 113 year old Fusa Furuya, the same officials were told she had never lived at the address and were directed to another location that turned out to be a vacant lot.

Now, police are searching for a 106 year old man in Nagoya who hasn't been seen for several years and the Asahi newspaper reports three more 100 + old timers can't be located.

Japan's minister of health is calling for a nation-wide checkup on the elderly.

Is it an epidemic or just coincidence ?
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Missing Old Folks Epidemic 2010/8/5 12:44
I'm not surprised they are finding that a lot of old people are missing in Japan and are probably long dead. The modern practice of direct deposit of pensions just about guarantees that many deaths will go unreported. I won't be surprised when a similar epidemic is discovered in the US.
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Bashou 2010/8/6 02:56
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Basho 2010/8/6 07:45
Went to the links..OH MY..this is wonderful stuff..thank you Kaoru..I especially liked the Oko no Hosomichi...I am following links inside these..what a wonderful place.
I have to give it to Dave-san. His Haiku is good AND he is translating it into Japanese.
The next achievement..for any of us..
create Haiku IN Japanese. Kaoru can be the judge.
I will start working on mine after I get my brain back. Long days and sleepless nights
cleaning out my mother in laws condo.
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Basho 2010/8/7 01:22
You're welcome.

Junior high school students are learning Oku no hosomichi of Basho. I am not good at Haiku. I think that Haiku is an imagination, and if the season word is included, it can be written by the freewheeling thinking as you say. I think that Haiku of Dave-san is very good.

And, You lived in the most environmental nice area. Please write the good memories of Japan.

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Medori Gaoka 2010/8/8 00:48
..or green hills [of Naka Ku ] was a hilly area about a mile to the north and east of the Navy Exchange. Access was mostly from Honmuku-dori and was an easy walk. Just about a block or two from the main street the moon wouold change. The hussle and bussle would calm down and you had a distinctive feel that you were in a residential neighborhood. Familys would stroll to the local bath in geta and yukata, women would hang out their bedding to air and children would play in the street. Local vendors would bring their vegetables to intersections where you could get most of the regular crops.
I especially remember a footpath that cut behind the houses on the street and was between the houses and a heavily wooded steep embankment. Sometimes I would try and find a smaller side path[ not even a path but a foothold] and once found a tiny grove that was hacked out of some bushes. In there I could sit with greenery all around me and be alone and quiet for a few minutes. This "mountain retreat" was obviously cleared out by some boys as their camp, and had a makeshift "table" just some twigs really. After using this little hidey-hole I would leave a 100 yen coin on the pile of branches as a thank you to the kids who built and kept it up. You could see out between the bushes to the bay and boats moored in the harbor and the exchange area and the smokestack of a power plant. I even remember going there just once at night to sit quietly, and dream that I was in a seculeded place. All told I visited this little "camp" about 5 times maybe and it was my little secret..ooops..until now. I was a little embarrassed about my using it as it was a kids thing and beneath the dignity of a soldier in the US Army. I was not fooling myself, this was an escape to a simpler time amidst a more complicated world.
Nearby this camp there was a buddhist monks, hut. I could hear his chanting and the small gong, or bell, and I even sat quietly and went with the sound and tempo, which was a unique experience.
Until now I have not thought of this little clearing for many years, but thanks to Kaoru
and his request it has come back to me. I know the boys who used it knew I was there as I left the 100 yen peice but I'm not sure anyone else did. The place was only about 6 feet around and 4 feet high with no roof, just bushes and sticks and a dirt floor, but it was my little secret place, clung precariously to a very steep hillside
on the green hills of Naka Ku. I wonder if by some miracle it might still be there, as the land could not be built on..probably not..they probably bulldosed the hillside down to make room for the lovely modern homes that I see sit there now. And thats OK. That was then. However, if by any strange twist of fate, I could return I would try and find that little path and even perhaps the place where my retreat once stood.
I suspect that each of us,especially Eric and Steffi has some secret garden or magic place that we remember, or am I the only one ?
Kaoru..you started this..did you ever have a place like this ?
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Midori Gaoka 2010/8/8 04:52
Thanks, Peter-san

Midori Gaoka is a high residential quarter with good environment. And, The high school is excellent. I think that students there were well-mannered.

I moved to the town that called infancy Seya though I was born in Negishi. Negishi's my memory was still before reclamation. There was good beach. I was playing there with some kids. There is a communication base of naval forces in Seya. We moved to Hodogaya when I was the 5th grader in the elementary school. Here is a residential quarter in suburbs. There was the peddler of the clam in those days. They sold it by bicycle or motorcycle. And, Toufu-man still sounds the trumpet. We played in the woods in the vicinity. Our secret place there. But, it was lost there by the land development. At that time, there was a turk. They do not exist now. I do not understand why he was gone.

I was most enjoyment going to PX and his friend's navy houses with my dad, T-bone steaks feast to us.

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Kaoru 2010/8/8 23:25
Saya..is that Kama-Saya. that we have mentioned on this post ? There was a Naval Communications facility there. Als there was a bad fire and several sailors died.
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Kamiseya 2010/8/9 05:28
Yes, Peter-san this is Kmiseya communication base. (上瀬谷)It is distance of about 30 minutes from the apartment where we lived in to the base. Then, my dad worked at the Seya police station, We went to the communication base. That commander was an excellent woman. As for the staff and their family, that field flew radio model airplane every weeks.

On September 1965 a fire broke out in one of the operational buildings, killing twelve US military personnel...

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Manzaka Honmuku 2010/8/9 12:38
Well I finally found it ! My old neighborhood. After Kaour's suggestion and my thinking about it I decided to try google maps again and see if the street view made it to my old neighborhood. It has ! The buildings are all new and more cramped together than I recall, my old apartment building is gone and in its place is this ?? what?? Japanized spanish revival villa with a parking area for a car as big as a milk crate. The high school is there and the big stone wall is still there and the "footpath" is paved and goes up to a gate that presumeably is now private property. This completes a circle for me.
I never thought I would say it but thanks google Maps. [ I hope tomorrow they don't ruin the internet and take it over and away from all of us.]
So Wally..there is hope for finding your old apt bldg too. !!
Hate to say it but this was really really nice.
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Seein' the old place 2010/8/10 01:48
A few months ago I, too, went online to Google Maps Streetview and looked at the house we lived in (in Negishi military housing) from April of '80 thru April of '82. It brought back a flood of emotions (good ones)! As for the second time we lived in Japan, we lived in the Kamariya area of Yokohama. I could only find an aerial view of the house we lived in.
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