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Mike 2010/8/31 11:01
Hi Mike.
Just go to photobucket and sign in.
Once you're on your page copy the http address on top of your screen and paste it in a reply ("your answer section") on this site.
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To Richard Helm 2010/8/31 23:50
I am a retired DOD civilian, not retired military. Do you know whether I would be eligible to stay at the New Sanno Hotel, or is it restricted to the uniform services? When I used to travel under orders, I stayed at the old Sanno, and it was a wonderful place to stay. I also used to stay at the little hotel in the Stars and Stripes compound, do you know whether it is still operating?
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Wally-san 2010/9/1 10:12
I just googled for the information you were asking about - here is the infor from the New Sanno Hotel site in Tokyo - I think you can stay there, probably - see below -

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Thanks Steffi 2010/9/2 06:09
Thanks for the website. Wow, the New Sanno looks like a great place to stay, I sure would like to stay there, and where can you stay in Tokyo for $65.00 a night? The original Sanno was really nice in its day, but the new one is even more plush. I looked at the eligibility requirements, and it says that retirees are eligible, but it does not stipulate what retirees. I have a feeling that it means only military retirees. Well, maybe I will have a chance to find out some day.
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Joe G. - PPCJ 2010/9/4 10:00
I guess I'm a dumb ass but I can't find a "reply" or "your answer section", all I can get to is "post a reaction" and this site won't let me paste to it.
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Gee Fellas 2010/9/4 10:53
We would like to see the photos too !!
I especially would like to see any of Bayside Courts..what was the little restaurant called ? was it the "Main Brace" or something like that ?
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Mike 2010/9/4 13:36
Try just typing in the address on a post here.
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HI all 2010/9/5 00:02
A happy labor day weekend to you-all..
We were going to have a visitor.."Earl" but fortunately he cancelled and we are releaved..so we are going to Ericks for the big BBQ..perhaps 1 pm sunday OK ? I'll bring the Hamms..
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Perfect Storm 2010/9/5 00:52
Happy Labor Day. I'm glad that Earl missed you all up thar in the Northeast. I was starting to worry about Steffi.
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Thanks "pal" 2010/9/5 01:54
Worried about Steffi ?? she is in Western Mass..no where near the projected path of the hurricane. Like 200 miles away. Yours truly was/is 10 miles from the coast. The hurricane of 1938 and Carol in 53' lives on in the memories of many, my grandmother died in Hurricane Carol, but was not recorded as such since she died the day after. We haven't had a bad hurricane for a long while but when they come it can be bad.
Oh Wally, shall I pick you up on the way to Ericks, or will you chopper in from there, as I recall there is pleanty of room for 2 choppers.
I've got Ericks favorite beer..Ithink..
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Big storm of 1959 2010/9/6 09:53
I was 11 years old when Typhoon Vera hit the Honshu. It was the biggest storm in Japan's history and other than the Kobe Earthquake in 1995, no other natural disaster caused so many deaths or property damage.
FEN went into its "May Day" style programming, except that the storm hit in September. No one really knew what to expect, except there was talk of a storm surge that would drown Area 1 and probably everything else except Negishi Heights and the Bluff area.
When the storm arrived, I really thought the roof of our house was coming off. Rain came down in floods with winds that were truly frightening.
Dad had been building a wooden boat in our back yard with the assistance of a Japanese carpenter who visited us every week. I had suggested we put all "our stuff' in the boat to ride out the storm but the rediculous nature of my suggestion became obvious when the 55 gallon kerosine drum beside our house lifted off and smashed through our fence and tumbled down Avenue D.
The eye of the storm arrived, lasting perhaps a half hour. Things calmed down. My mom went outside and picked up branches. We thought it was over but we had only the first verse.
Another three or four hours of pounding and howling, knocking down the rest of the fence and allowing our dog to run away. Dad found her late in evening; she'd been hit by a car but would survive.
I hope I never have an experience like it again.
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Hurricane Carol 2010/9/6 23:47
Ericks vivid description of the Japanese Hurricane, spawned memories some of which I will share. I was 8 years old when Hurricane Carol hit the Massachusetts coast. In those days there was little fore warning so everyone stayed where they were. I was at a summer place called Little neck in Ipswich Mass. my dad was in North Andover. The wind began to rise and everyone thought it would be great fun to have a hurricane party. Soon it became clear that it was no party as the huge tree next to our flimsy summer cottage started to sway and crack. My mother decided to evacuate the house and move to a neighbors, where everyone else was gathering. my grandfather, who had a stiff leg made the first attempt down the street, he fell and was carried about 50 feet before the neighbors dragged him in, uninjured, I was told to run fast which I did, dogding roof shingles and other debris on the way. Inside the neighbors house I looked out the window to a 12 foot aluminum boat bouncing head to tale, crashing into cars and houses, us kids sat at the window looking at the river watching the boats go under in 15 foot massiave waves. There were other kids I learned later that were up on the cliffs, diving off, to be blown back to the land by the forse of the winds [bad idea].
A huge crash and the falling plaster and beams came and the rood of the house was blown off, causing a vaccuum effect like the inside of a plane as if the window had come off at 20.000 feet. This whipped paper dust and trashall over the inside of the cottage and out the hole wherer the roof once was. Downstairs my mon decided that was a reason for yet another burbon manhattan. Suddenly, it was bright and beautiful, a clear almost calm day. I went t
o the roof and saw blackness of the eye wall all around, it came back with windows breaking, trees snaping and seaguls lying dead in the street.
The next day the ambulance came and my grandmother was taken away, an apparent heart attack. Funny I don't remember the funeral. Under the circumstances there may not have been one.
It was several days before my dad was able to get to us, only then as his MG was so small as to go under the still fallen trees along the way. [chainsaws back then ?]
Electric power was out for about 10 days. I had spent the summer digging clams and we had frozed about 100 quarts of them, for winters chowder. I still remember the smell of the freezer when we discovered the loss, the freezer had to be thrown away.
Carol was pretty bad but was not as bad as the 38 hurricane. In those days there were only reports from ships, and 38 was detected when it was off the No Carolina coast, leaving New England with no warning.
Not supriseingly, I don't like hurricanes.
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Peter-san 2010/9/7 06:24
Sorry, Peter, I didn't forget you. I tried to send a Fema rescue team for you, but they had to respond to Eric's barbeque party.
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Jeff on his way 2010/9/8 06:56
It's that time again - the quiet time between basketball seasons. So, my son Jeff is in the air, on his way to Rome this time, for two months in Italy. He was a day late in taking off - "mechanical problems" in his plane. But hopefully this plane is fine and he'll land as scheduled at around 7 am Rome time. Ah - youth!!!

Last year at this time he was in Japan, where he spent almost 3 months.
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Jeff 2010/9/8 09:41
Well.Steffis son is off to Italy..Hmmmm
perhaps he will have more luck finding a bride than he did last year in Japan. Steffi could have an Italian daughter in law..Yikkes !! Pass the smelling salts...

And Wally-san Hope you and the EMT's had a good time at Ericks..3 alarm chili was hot ? eh ?
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Steffi 2010/9/8 22:54
When you talk to Jeff, please tell him I have one piece of advice for him, "Be careful when crossing streets! Just because you have the green light doesn't necessarily mean you have the right of way. Germans follow traffic regulations to a 'T,' Italians consider their traffic laws suggestions." Also, I would appreciate it if Jeff would do something for me. I threw a 100 lire coin in the Trevi Fountain in 1986, and would like for him to check to see if it is still there. Please tell him that I hope he has a great trip.
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Coins and travel 2010/9/9 00:32
Wally, am sure the coin is still there, and Jeff will happily retrieve it for you. Are there euro coins? Not sure.

As for finding a bride - Jeff's having too much fun to tie himself down, as he sees it, thanks to the easiness of relations between the sexes. Some female who is determined to get him will have to "order" him to show up at a city hall at such-and-such a time, OR ELSE!

He thinks that these long travel trips would probably be out once he's married - and it seems like he's not ready to exchange traveling for the joys of having a mate - too bad - where did I go wrong???
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Coins & Okane 2010/9/9 07:40
Steffi-san, Tell Jeff to beware of coins that do not say euro.
Japanese coins still look familiar except for the 500 \ coin that didn't exist back in the day when the exchange rate was 360\ to the dollar. Now it's more like 85\ to the dollar.
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Coins 2010/9/9 16:54
Back in 1968 I remember seeing a 1 "sen" coin.
If I'm not mistaken 100 sen equaled 1 yen.
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Yokohama 2010/9/9 21:31
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